Nonprofit Database Management

Nonprofits struggle with different sources of revenue and other data being recorded in a patchwork of disconnected systems, which results in inconsistent and unreliable data that affects important decisions.

We know integration for nonprofits because Omatic has focused on the unique needs of social good organizations for almost 20 years. Omatic Software works exclusively with nonprofits and has deep expertise in how they operate and the challenges they face. Nonprofit expertise is not just built into our products, but shows itself through our team members who are dedicated to helping you achieve your mission.

Unintegrated systems and unreliable data

Unintegrated systems, rudimentary native import tools, and multiple fragmented integration apps result in an excessive amount of time that nonprofit teams spend on manual data work and post-integration clean-up. It’s frustrating when your tool set doesn’t do what you need it to do – what you were promised it would do. But frustration and time-intensity aside, it means manual manipulation that can lead to errors, duplicates, and data that end-users can’t rely on.

Omatic’s integration solutions – built exclusively for nonprofits – address these challenges with both efficiency and elegance. The result? Widespread data quality in all your systems.

Process challenges that result in data management issues

Your nonprofit is continually adding and updating data in both your main CRM database(s) and the ‘satellite’ systems you use for various supporter engagement functions. Managing manual data entry, working with less-than-functional export and import processes, dealing with downloads and spreadsheets, and remediating human error all result in spending too much time on remediating data rather than furthering your mission.

For example, unsophisticated exporting and importing can result in duplicate records and good data being inadvertently overwritten with stale, outdated information. It can also lead to inconsistencies between systems. Omatic’s solutions replace challenging processes with streamlined integration – and routines that pre-identify duplicates, clean up data, and validate information along the way. No more process issues; no more data issues.

Data issues lead to an undesirable supporter experience

Duplicate addresses, incorrect household matching, imPropErLY cAsed names, and missing recent donation information can all be caused by data not properly integrated between systems. While the frustration might be palpable within the ranks of your database and development teams, it’s more than a little exasperating for your donors, members, alumni, and other supporters.

Getting communications that are addressed incorrectly or with misspellings – or getting duplicate communications – Is bad enough. But far more insidious are when donors are pulled into the wrong solicitation segments or not properly messaged because the data on which all that is based in not up-to-date. Possibly worse? Delayed contribution acknowledgments because gift entry just takes so damned long.

The supporter experience has direct financial implications

Experienced development and nonprofit operations professionals know that the donor and prospect experience have a direct impact on acquisition rates, retention rates, and growing average gift size – all of which affect hitting, exceeding, or missing revenue goals.

Whether it’s expedient gift entry so that acknowledgment timing exceeds donor expectations, effective solicitation messaging that is sent to the right person at the right time, or having the full constituent synopsis when preparing for a major gift meeting, Omatic integration solutions ensure that all your data in all your systems is up-to-date, accurate, and provides a complete view – at all times.

Omatic ensures the utmost trust in your data

When users of your systems become used to seeing errors in data, duplicate records, and other inconsistencies, they stop trusting the information being maintained. This can lead to poor user-adoption and credibility challenges among stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

An integration solution that ensures an up-to-date, accurate, and full supporter picture not only builds trust among donors and other organizational constituents, but it builds confidence within the organization as well. Omatic’s integration solutions leverage a strong combination of user-friendly tools, nonprofit sector expertise, and the best possible integration technology, to build trust in your systems and data.

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