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Omatic integrates all nonprofit technologies enabling an awesome donor experience to help grow your fundraising effectiveness. Learn more about our integrations for Raiser’s Edge/Raiser’s Edge NXT and our next generation iPaaS solution for BBCRM and Altru.

What's Happening at Omatic

Luminate Online Integration Refresher Live Training

Mar 19, 10:00am - 12:00pm

In this session, Omatic Consultant Amy Barker will help existing users revitalize their knowledge of the integrations processes and functions.…

Developing a Data-Driven Organization 

Blog2 min read

Data makes the fundraising world go round. By creating a data-centric mindset at your organization, you can optimize overall engagement…

Introduction to ImportOmatic

Mar 19, 2:00pm - 2:30pm

A Quick Look: Get Data In and Out of Raiser's Edge Faster, Cleaner and Automated with ImportOmatic!   Transform your data and your workflow.…

The ImportOmatic Platform

ImportOmatic is the industry-leading data integration solution for Raiser's Edge, allowing you to quickly join data from disparate sources. Whether you want to standardize and cleanse data during import or minimize duplicate records, ImportOmatic gives you advanced integration so you can save time, money and truly leverage your technology investments.

Solutions That Drive Efficiency

At Omatic Software, we work hard to develop the very best in efficiency-driven solutions. Our solutions for Raiser's Edge™ and Financial Edge™ provide time and cost savings to nonprofits of all sizes. With innovative, proven technology and an experienced team of experts, we are the go-to company for thousands of nonprofits seeking to improve their usage of Blackbaud® technology.

Extend with Connectors

Think all Raiser’s Edge integrations are built the same? Think again. Our Connector Directory showcases integrations for your preferred 3rd party vendors, allowing you to more tightly integrate all of your systems seamlessly with Raiser’s Edge®. Omatic’s integration technology is built on ImportOmatic, Omatic’s market-leading integration solution for nonprofits.

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Trusted By Boys Town

"Thanks to Omatic's integration for Blackbaud CRM, we are now able to process the millions of pieces of mail we receive annually with donations. This automated solution has expedited the follow-up process, thereby increasing donor affinity which allows for a greater stewardship plan. It would not be possible otherwise."

Trusted By The Covenant School

"Our Omatic consultant, became familiar with our staff and constituents, and was incredibly invested in helping tie our fundraising efforts to our mission. His vast knowledge and comprehensive approach carried our team forward and enabled us to get results."

Trusted By Canadian Cancer Society of Ontario

"The Omatic team was instrumental in achieving our database integration goals. It continues to be a great experience working with Omatic."

Trusted by FareStart

"I've been building profiles up and it has already saved me so much time. I think my co-workers might be getting tired of hearing me say 'I love ImportOmatic' on a regular basis just because of how happy I am with how quickly I can get things in now."

Trusted by the Memorial Medical Center Foundation

"Love both as they make our work life so much easier. I just used ImportOmatic just a couple of hours ago to update some addresses – what a relief it is to have this product!"

Trusted by the Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation

"ImportOmatic is the most flexible and precise importing tool available for Raiser's Edge. It integrates seamlessly and allows you to import both new and established records at the same time."

Trusted by the Jewish Family Service of San Diego

"ImportOmatic allows me to work smarter not harder. I can import files in minutes and know that the information is coming in just the way I want it and not creating duplicate records."

Trusted by Monmouth University

"By using ImportOmatic we're able to save an incredible amount of time during our regular imports and we've had a few cases where we could ONLY import data into Raiser's Edge with ImportOmatic. It's a *must have* for every Raiser's Edge institution."

And over 3,000 other organizations