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Fueled by the enthusiam of helping one another. 

Our Fanatics are a group of enthusiastic people who love Omatic products, values and people. Since they use Omatic products themselves and think it will benefit others, they want to share why they use it. They are the people who put a face to our solutions.

Connect with other fanatics, and be part of our world wide community. Got some ideas for Omatic Fanatics? Or want to collaborate and help boost each other’s brand? With an Omatic Fanatic Online Community and dedicated resources, it’s easy to join the conversation, participate, and connect with the Omatic Fanatic team.

What are the benefits of joining?

• Rewards and recognition
• The chance to be featured in one-of-a-kind con tent
• Networking
• EAP opportunities
• Exclusive access to resources
• Positive exposure for your mission
• Participate in the activities that are of interest to you!
• Be part of the excitement and share your ideas!

How do I sign up?

We’ve made it super simple. 

1. Register

Sign up to become an Omatic Fanatic Program Member.

2. Welcome

In the next few days, you'll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access the Omatic Fanatic Hub!

3. Resources

Once you're in the Hub, you'll have access to all the resources you need to get started. It is super simple!


If you have any questions about becoming an Omatic Fanatic, please email