Will Your GivingTuesday Emails Be a Hit or Miss?

Oct 25, 2019

Soon GivingTuesday will be taking your nonprofit organization by storm, causing you to take a closer look at your email marketing campaigns.

While it’s easy to fix mistakes on a blog, webpage, and social media posts, it is nearly impossible to correct or hide errors that happen in an email after hitting the send button. So, before you hit SEND on your GivingTuesday email campaigns, make sure it checks out with everything on our GivingTuesday Email Campaign Checklist.

Our checklist guides you through the steps of creating great emails and provides you with tips on how to avoid common email mistakes. It covers how to:

  1. Segment your donor database
  2. Perfect your subject line
  3. Craft the right message
  4. Make your email short and sweet
  5. Inspire a response
  6. Prepare for the next steps

Most importantly, don’t forget to start thinking NOW about how you are going to manage the valuable donor data you will be collecting during the giving season. Time is running out, so now’s your chance to discover how Omatic can help you boost engagement, drive fundraising, and enrich the supporter experience. Contact us to learn more.



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