How Omatic Cloud Works

Discover how Omatic Cloud can help you integrate your nonprofit data, improve data quality, streamline processes, and build stronger relationships with supporters.

How Omatic Cloud Works

Connect Data Your Way

Whether you’re working with data file imports or simply need to connect one system to
another, Omatic Cloud gives you the flexibility and control for how you manage your data.

Import Data Files

Easily import data from any application with Omatic Cloud ImportOmatic+.

Connect Applications

Create a single integration experience with Omatic Cloud App Connectors.

Deliver Financial Data

Bring accurate financial data to your general ledger with Post to GL.

Simplify Your Data Connections

Streamline tedious, manual processes and send data to your nonprofit CRM using data files or our suite of app connectors. Save time by establishing connections faster, enabling your team to extract value from data and focus on the initiatives that matter most.

Manage Data with Controlled Automation

Gain full control over the level of automation when routing data. Quickly identify and review data in-transit, preview the impact of your work, and automatically send clean records to your nonprofit CRM. With a perfect balance of control and automation, your team can prevent errors and duplicates and confidently leverage data when engaging supporters.

Automatically Map & Transform Data

Easily map, match, and edit your source data to ensure all information is formatted properly and consistently. Eliminate time spent on fixing formatting errors, and ensure teams have access to clean, consistent data across all systems they use.

Reduce Security Risks

Gain full visibility into your nonprofit data through a centralized platform and maintain data integrity through automated dataflows. Ensure that your organization is compliant with security requirements and give your supporters confidence that their information is protected across systems.

Connect Your Nonprofit Applications in a Single Ecosystem

Omatic Cloud App Connectors provide a 360-degree view of your supporters, giving you the tools
to drive more effective acquisition, retention, and long-term support.

  • Online Giving
  • Financial Posting
  • Analytics
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Email Marketing
  • Volunteer Management
  • Events
  • Many More!

Drive Integrations without IT

Designed for the everyday nonprofit user, Omatic Cloud is easy to use even if you don’t have a dedicated IT team or technical expertise. We also provide comprehensive resources and pre-built templates so that teams feel empowered to create, use, and modify their own configurations–no code needed!