Exploring How ImportOmatic and List Management Strengthen Raiser’s Edge™ with Omatic’s Tina Davis

Jun 11, 2015

Tina Davis, bCRE, and a Senior Consultant with Omatic, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Omatic from her previous work with Blackbaud® and Make-A-Wish® Foundation. Tina’s current work with Omatic includes implementations and consultations on grateful patient programs, Raiser’s Edge (RE), and fundraising. In addition, she conducts software training on many Omatic products. Let’s catch up with Tina as she shares about her favorite Omatic products – ImportOmatic and List Management!

If you could give one major tip on how to enhance use of RE, what would that be?

If an organization is serious about getting the most from data in their fundraising program, I think one of the best things you can do is invest in training your staff to utilize ImportOmatic (IOM). It really helps the organizations I work with spend less time buried in data. I love the control and flexibility you get when it’s well understood. Tools like IOM can significantly impact day-to-day operations. Taking the time to learn the product, build a profile, and run an import, will really pay off! I understand there can be a level of fear about learning new technology, but we are here to help our clients move past this and embrace it.

How could ImportOmatic help with some of the most common challenges that you see nonprofits facing as they manage their data in RE?

Most often, I find organizations struggle with deciding the best ways to handle the different types of data they encounter. For example, if they need to import limited pieces of patient interaction information from a patient database, it may be challenging to decide how to handle the data. Or if they are importing wealth screening information, it can be difficult to determine how to organize that data. Deciding how to treat incoming data can be solved with the ImportOmatic’s import profile feature. At Omatic, we help personalize and develop IOM import profiles during an organization’s training. With these profiles, an import standard is defined. This is what many nonprofits need to simplify their decision process around importing.

Aside from ImportOmatic, have you developed an affinity towards any other product?

The way List Management (add-on module) works together with IOM is awesome! List Management helps organizations manage and automate their acquisition lists, student data, or grateful patient programs. I love the idea of being able to manage and interact with non-constituent records prior to bringing them into RE. In my prior role, I was deep into RE all the time and we always struggled with handling these types of records. We held many events with large groups of non-constituents. There wasn’t an easy way to handle this data, so we were forced to use tools like external spreadsheets to try to manage this type of information. List Management would have given us a way to work with these records in RE that we never imagined was possible. I’m just blown away by how powerful it is!

So, when you aren’t busy helping organizations implement new solutions, what can we find you doing?

Learning new Omatic products – that’s all I do – haha! In all seriousness, I am someone who needs to learn all about something or it will drive me crazy! So, naturally I always want to be in the know of everything that we are doing with nonprofit technology. Aside from that, I grew up in Utah but now live and work remotely from Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the summer I enjoying lounging by the pool and listening to music. Having previously worked with Make-A-Wish, that’s an organization that is close to my heart. Once things calm down a bit, I plan to do some volunteer work with them to help grant wishes for children with life threatening illnesses in the Fort Wayne area.

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