Conservation International Improves Efficiency with ImportOmatic Connector

Aug 30, 2016

About Conservation International

Conservation International is a nonprofit organization who seeks to build a healthy, prosperous, and productive planet by protecting nature and empowering communities to create sustainable environmental practices. For 30 years they have worked tirelessly to support this mission, using policy, science, and global partnerships to support 1,200 protected areas and safeguard over 601 million hectares of land, marine, and coastal areas. Some of their current projects include protecting forests in Ecuador and Madagascar, addressing pollution in rural China and climate change in Cambodia, and conserving resources for local communities in Figi and Papua New Guinea. With such critical tasks at hand, Conservation International needs to focus their energy on these efforts, rather than struggle with integrating data between The Raiser’s Edge and Luminate Online!

The Challenge

Conservation International imports daily gift batches from Luminate Online, new constituents from Peer to Peer fundraisers, and moves management detail for their major gifts team. They used the Blackbaud RELO integration tool for this purpose, but determined it wasn’t the right tool for them because they need more control of the data coming in.

“We needed another solution because we do not import all constituents from Luminate Online into The Raiser’s Edge,” says Ellen Smith, the Senior Manager of Development Operations for Conservation International. “Blackbaud’s RELO integration automatically adds constituents from RE to LO, but we don’t always want new constituents in RE to end up on our email list, like major donors or board members.”

Because of the lack of data control, the process they were using with RELO took a member of their team roughly 5 hours per week to import data as well as a couple of hours monthly for duplicate management.

The Solution

Since switching to the ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online, Conservation International has cut their importing time down to just a couple of hours per week and one hour monthly for duplicate management. They are now able to import gifts directly to constituent records without batching while simultaneously updating constituent records. The IOM Connector for Luminate Online gives them more control over the import process so they can better manage the constituent flow between systems.

“The IOM Connector for Luminate Online gives me more control over the process so I can choose which records I want to add to Luminate Online,” Ellen says. “IOM also allows me to set more defaults so new constituents require less data entry once they are added to the system.”

Her favorite feature is ImportOmatic’s Duplicate Management tool, which is the ever-popular product MergeOmatic packed into IOM. “With IOM’s duplicate management feature, I am able to match more with import without wasting time monthly reviewing duplicates in RE,” Ellen says. “I would absolutely recommend the ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online to other organizations. Omatic products give us the freedom and flexibility to tailor them to our organization’s specific needs.”

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