5 Tips to Boost Your Virtual Experience at bbcon

Sep 24, 2020

bbcon 2021 Virtual is the ultimate conference experience for every person and organization using technology to build a better world!  It’s where you go to be inspired, energized, equipped, and empowered — all while connecting with your community in new ways.

This year’s event offers more access to resources, vendors, and other attendees than ever before!  If this is your first time joining a virtual conference, get ready for an opportunity to immerse yourself and learn how to better further your organization’s mission with these top tips.

Clear Your Schedule

If you’re participating in an all-day conference you’ll want to make sure you’re tuned in to each session you’re registered for so you can experience and learn without distraction.  Set your out of office message on your email so you’re not tempted to check your email and respond. Treat bbcon as much as you would an in-person conference.

Research Before the Conference

Just because you’re not meeting physically doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prep properly!  Review the agenda so that you’re familiar when sessions you’re interested in will be presented and when breaks will be throughout the day.  Knowing what sessions are offered will allow you to make sure you hear all the speakers on your list.

Download or print the proceedings, if offered, so that you can reference the information throughout the conference and can follow along with the speaker while they’re presenting.

Test Your Tech!

There’s nothing more irritating then settling in for a day of engaging and enriching talks from industry experts – only to find your internet is lacking, or your computer needs to update.  Make sure you’ve run all the newest updates on your computer in advance of the conference so you’re not interrupted!

Log-in early to make sure you have a stable internet connection, camera, and microphone are in working condition.  As always, make sure you have a back up plan! Most virtual platforms can allow you to dial in by your cell phone or landline phone if you computer isn’t working.

Prepare to be Immersed!

You’ll get as much out of the conference that you put in, so engage!  Engage with the speakers through the chat box to ask questions, and make sure you take advantage of virtual happy hours to speak with other attendees within your field and enjoy a more personalized experience.

Once you’re dialed into bbcon this year, don’t miss an opportunity to attend our sessions!

Can Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce Live and Work in Harmony?
Presenters: Stu Manewith and Bailey Benzle

Nonprofits can now choose a best-of-breed strategy by using Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge NXT as core mainstays in their technology ecosystems.  That means data needs to be routinely exchanged, kept up-to-date, error-free, and comprehensive.  If your organization plans to use Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge NXT together for the foreseeable future, Omatic’s intelligent integration solution will ensure that information from both systems is integrated accurately, effortlessly, and with nonprofit business needs addressed.

Using Financial Integration to Improve Donor Retention and Professional Relationship
Presenters: Stu Manewith, John Guerriere, and Geoff Sharbrough 

Donors who see the impact of their gift are more likely to give again.  With donor retention hinging on accountability, reconciliation, and reporting, it’s time to use technology to simplify those processes.  Join our experts as we show how healthcare foundations are solving some of their biggest challenges by connecting their fundraising CRM with their general ledger.  Learn how every stakeholder wins – development, finance, and your constituents – when you reduce data entry effort and errors, establish easier reconciliation for reporting, and maximize stewardship opportunities.

Bonus Tip:

We encourage you to virtually stop by the Omatic booth to learn how we are helping social good organizations gain insight into their data. 

Did you know our sessions from last year’s event is available on-demand?  You can view it anytime or share it with colleagues, by clicking the session below: 

Winning Back Lapsed Donors is Not Just Hoping for the Best

Keeping Your Database Current, Clean, and Complete