Your Website’s Impact on Philanthropy

Jul 1, 2015

Are you in tune with your organization’s web presence in the same way you are with your other areas of influence?

Let’s face it, the internet is where many people flock to share ideas and formulate new ones. Often, your web content is either the first impression that potential supporters have of your organization or, at the very least, an early and formative impression. With that being said, cultivating your organization’s online presence is more important than ever! Think about it – the internet provides countless opportunities to raise up volunteers, collect donations, share success stories and steward donors, and advocate for why your organization deserves someone’s support.

Today we are going to focus on the foundation for your online presence, and that is your website. In many ways websites have become content hubs and the destination to steer traffic to from other online channels like social media. Therefore, your organization should have a bang-up website! What does a bang-up website look like? EveryAction released their review of the 100 best nonprofit website designs of 2015 which is a great place to start thinking the type of site that would best fit your organizational needs.

Here are some other big items to think about when planning your site content:

  • Showcase clear, repeated calls to action.
    • Clear calls to action will generate higher conversion rates, more donations, and overall greater engagement. Make those buttons stand out with bright colors and a straight forward message like, “Learn More”, “Donate Now”, “Call Me”, etc.
  • Include a blog on your website.
    • If a picture says a thousand words, imagine having blogs on featured stories from you mission with accompanying images. A good blog, updated regularly, will engage and excite current (and future) donors.
  • Publish stats to reveal your mission’s impact.
    • If we are being realistic by recognizing that a number of nonprofit organizations have overlapping goals, nonprofits are often competing for donor support. Those donors want to know exactly where their donation is going so they know which organizations are making the biggest impact. For that reason, publishing statistics front and center is one way to tell your story. Tell the world how your organization is making a difference, and remind donors about the impact they are making.
  • State your mission in a prominent place.
    • If your website has a new visitor, they will want to know who you are and what you do. Be sure to state your mission, your vision, and your impact. This information is often found on an “About Us” page, but can also be included more prominently on your homepage if the statement is brief and impactful.

For a visual example of a top nonprofit website, check out OXFAM America.

According to Mashable, “the internet has transformed charitable giving into viral philanthropy.” There is great opportunity online! So you must be thoughtful and compelling with your website as an integral part of your fundraising strategy. Then, once your website becomes a stand-out piece for communication, it can be used as the prominent reference point for your supporters to engage and gather information. You may even see a boost in giving just by communicating your mission effectively and making it easy to give through your online presence.

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