Omatic Cloud Essentials for Salesforce

Jul 29, 2020

With the move to online giving, many organizations are experiencing a surge in gift and donor data that needs to be manually entered or imported into Salesforce. This rush to get the data into the system is creating data quality issues, such as duplicate household and donor records. With one database administrator adding information from various sources to a database, it is easy to unknowingly create two, three, even four records for the same constituent.  This is resulting in manual clean up and time-intensive record account and contact merges.

Omatic Cloud Essentials can help you and your team efficiently handle the influx of gift and donor data while automatically identifying duplicate records, filter, review and merge them based on similarity scoring and importance. By automating importation from original source files to your Salesforce CRM the solution saves your organization time spent on administrative work. Omatic Cloud Essentials help you eliminate data blind spots that are preventing you from better knowing your supporters. Your organization can focus efforts on donor insights, initiatives and communication.


Plus, Omatic Cloud Essentials is built on user-friendly principles that show up as a user-friendly interface. That means you can also trust other team members or volunteers in assisting with donor data importation.

With Omatic Cloud Essentials You Can:

  • Import data entries from multiple file sources
  • Enter gift, contact, contact role, and campaign members all in one pass
  • Prevent duplicate donor and household record creation
  • Preview changes before they’re made so you can avoid those heart stopping moments
  • Assign record types based on values in your incoming data set

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