Omatic Cloud: Now Direct Integration with Gift Management in Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View

Apr 5, 2022

If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, without question, I would pick chocolate chip cookies. The only thing better than a single warm cookie is a batch of many cookies – knowing that each one will have that consistent great taste.

Some might even suggest that Raiser’s Edge Gift Batch provides that same joy as the first bite of a cookie. When I was working in Development entering gifts into Raiser’s Edge 7, Gift Batch saved me hours of time entering hundreds of gifts into the database each week – hours I gladly traded to make more batches of cookies!

You may be a longtime user of database view – a gift batch expert, and interested in (or moving towards) adopting Raiser’s Edge NXT web view. Gift Management is the web view version of Gift Batch. Maybe you are completely new to RE NXT or already using RE NXT Gift Management with Online Express, and wishing for more advanced matching capabilities. No matter how you got here, what matters most is that you care about data quality; having clean and accurate data. At Omatic Software, we care about that too.

Import Right into Gift Management!

Omatic Cloud now supports importing data into Raisers Edge NXT Gift Management batches. Creating Gift Management batches with Omatic Cloud lets you:

  • Automate data entry – Improve the speed of gift entry with efficient data flows
  • Prevent duplicates – Omatic’s unique matching algorithm ensures clean data entry and enables you to review and edit the match, if needed, prior to sending the data to Gift Management.
  • Send default values to the batch – Predefined values can be saved across each batch, and users can dynamically add or change values. This can be used in place of default sets, which aren’t currently available in NXT web view.
  • Replicate grid-view data entry – Unlike Raiser’s Edge 7 Batch, RE NXT Gift Management is no longer grid-view entry. Many users have become accustomed to the speed of entering data in a grid. Omatic Cloud allows you to enter data quickly into Excel and then load it into Gift Management – the best of both worlds.
  • Batch offline Recurring Gifts
  • Link payments to Recurring Gifts – Even though this isn’t available through the RE NXT end-user interface, Omatic Cloud enables you to send Recurring Gift payments to Gift Management.

A Few Gift Management Details

We know that each organization is different, and it’s important to know if your unique gift entry process is supported by Gift Management in NXT web view. The good news is that Omatic Cloud can import data into any field that Gift Management supports. This currently includes:

  • Gift Types: Donation, Other, Gift In-Kind, Recurring Gift, and Recurring Gift Payment
  • Split Gifts
  • Soft Credits
  • Custom Fields (ie, Gift Attributes)
  • Acknowledgment Letter Codes
  • Recurring Gift Schedules
  • Fundraiser (Solicitor) Credits

And, a Few Caveats

At this time, RE NXT Gift Management does not support the following fields, so Omatic Cloud is unable to import them into an RE NXT Gift Management batch:

  • Gift Types: any not listed above
  • Gift Notes
  • Linking to a Membership
  • Linking to an Event Participant
  • Linking to an Opportunity
  • Pledges, Pledge Payments, and Pledge Installments
  • Honor/Memorial and Tribute information
  • Benefits

Omatic generally makes import fields available in Omatic Cloud as soon as Blackbaud makes them accessible in the SKY API for RE NXT.  We anticipate supporting the import of more new fields into RE NXT Gift Management as soon as they are available in the SKY API.

Currently, these reports are not supported in Gift Management, but can be run in Raiser’s Edge database view once a Gift Management Batch is approved:

  • Batch Log
  • Deposit Ticket
  • Validation Report
  • Pre-Transmission Report
  • Credit Card Report
  • Gift Summary and Detail Report

We Just Can’t Hide It!

We’re so excited to launch these new updates in Omatic Cloud, to help ensure your gift entry processes are accurate and efficient.  (We also want you to have more time for chocolate chip cookies or any other favorite comfort food!)

If you have any questions about Omatic’s data integration tools for Raiser’s Edge NXT Gift Management batches, or to request a product demonstration, please complete and submit the form below.

Kristen Gajdica