Omatic and Civic Champs Partner to Enhance Volunteer Engagement with Streamlined Integration

Aug 3, 2023

Omatic, a leading provider of nonprofit integration solutions, has partnered with Civic Champs, a leader in volunteer management and engagement technology, to provide a complete solution for organizations to manage and improve their volunteer program. This partnership enables nonprofits to bring volunteer data back to Salesforce, Altru, BBCRM, and Raiser’s Edge. Thus eliminating data silos and streamlining the way they engage supporters, convert volunteers to donors, and ultimately drive mission impact.

“Omatic and Civic Champs both share the same goal of simplifying nonprofits’ day-to-day operations and finding new ways to help them save time and boost productivity,” said Mac Russel, Director of Partnerships at Omatic. “Organizations can use Omatic to bring all volunteer data from Civic Champs into Salesforce and Blackbaud, allowing them to see a complete picture of supporters and send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.”

Civic Champs’ platform enables organizations to track and engage volunteers more effectively, while also providing a streamlined approach to managing donations and fundraising efforts. Omatic provides a suite of integration solutions through Omatic Cloud, empowering organizations to seamlessly connect data from their nonprofit applications to Salesforce and Blackbaud.

With this partnership, organizations gain a complete solution that enables them to free up staff-time, enhance data quality, and build stronger volunteer relationships.

“Nonprofits spend countless hours managing and manipulating volunteer and donations data. This leads to lots of stress, manual error-prone data entry, and poor supporter engagement,” said Geng Wang, CEO and Cofounder of Civic Champs. “We’re excited for our combined offerings to help organizations extract more meaningful insights from their volunteer and donation data to enhance mission impact.”

About Omatic:
Omatic delivers industry-leading solutions for nonprofit data integration. Serving nonprofits for over 20 years, Omatic empowers organizations to build a best-in-class technology ecosystem that streamlines business flows and delivers secure and accurate data you can trust. Omatic has helped thousands of nonprofits do more with less and save valuable time, gain full data visibility, and drive mission impact.

About Civic Champs:
Civic Champs provides a powerful platform for volunteer management and engagement, empowering organizations to manage and engage volunteers more effectively. With features like mobile check-in, automated reporting, and real-time communication, Civic Champs is helping organizations of all sizes streamline their operations and achieve their goals.

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Omatic Software
Omatic Software is dedicated to integrating disparate systems and democratizing data access for today’s nonprofits. Founded in 2002, Omatic has worked with thousands of nonprofits globally to remove their data barriers by integrating systems and enabling nonprofit teams to leverage their donor data rather than be burdened by it. The Omatic team has one goal – unleashing the power of data to show a complete view of your donor, enabling data-driven decision making and opportunity creation for your organization.