New Research Reveals Top 5 Challenges Identified by More Than Half of Fundraising & Donor Management Software Users

Feb 17, 2015

Recent research has taken an in-depth look at the challenges faced by users of donor management software. The study, released by Software Advice, included feedback collected in 2015 from donor management software users.

Would you like to hear the good news or the bad news first?

Let’s start with some good news! 99% of the nonprofit professionals surveyed indicated that fundraising software positively impacts the amount of dollars raised by their organizations. That seems about right since there is little debate that being organized and collecting data to tell the history of donor relationships is a good thing.

However, 67% of those same survey participants also cited a lack of customization options and high learning curves as drawbacks for donor management software. In fact, those were the most common types of challenges identified.

Digging in a little further, the next three most common challenges identified were related to integrating with other systems, reporting, and importing/exporting data.

For organizations using The Raiser’s Edge®, I’ve actually saved the best news for last: Omatic effectively addresses many aspects of the TOP 5 challenges identified in this research! As great as The Raiser’s Edge is and has been for thousands of nonprofit organizations over many years, there are still unique challenges that surface and processes that can be improved upon.

To solve the first couple of identified challenges, Omatic’s Services team provides focused RE training and offers customizations to make RE work for your organization’s unique needs. Beyond that, we are dedicated to building solutions to solve the integration challenge by streamlining the importing of data into RE so you can utilize all of your data to get those in-depth reports that you need. Overall, we’re fanatical about helping RE users address their challenges and really bring the process detailed below – and highlighted in this recent report – to life:

Check out the full 2015 Fundraising Management Software UserView report from Software Advice, a nonprofit technology research and recommendation firm. The report includes some great information about making the case for fundraising software investments at nonprofit organizations.
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Omatic Software
Omatic Software is dedicated to integrating disparate systems and democratizing data access for today’s nonprofits. Founded in 2002, Omatic has worked with thousands of nonprofits globally to remove their data barriers by integrating systems and enabling nonprofit teams to leverage their donor data rather than be burdened by it. The Omatic team has one goal – unleashing the power of data to show a complete view of your donor, enabling data-driven decision making and opportunity creation for your organization.