Client Spotlight: Connecticut Humane Society reduces importing time by 90%

About Connecticut Humane Society
The Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) is considered the premier animal welfare organization in Connecticut, offering adoption services, education and pet training, medical care, and cruelty prevention awareness. They have three locations throughout the state – a clinic and shelter in Newington, and shelters in Quaker Hill and Westport. The organization finds homes for roughly 6,000 pets annually. They have a thriving volunteer program with over 400 participants. Recently, they raised $33,000 at their Faux Fur Ball. Needless to say, they have their hands full with absolutely no time to spare on data management struggles!

The Challenge
Prior to contacting Omatic, CHS labored to get vital data into Raiser’s Edge. There was a frequent need to import data from pet adoptions, visitors, PetPoint, and online gifts. Barbara Naugle, the Director of Development, says, “We could usually get the names and addresses into Raisers Edge, but gave up on trying to import phones and emails. Importing data using standard RE: Import easily represented at least ten hours of employee time per month.”

The Solution
After CHS purchased ImportOmatic, Raiser’s Edge import processes became faster and much more efficient. Now, ImportOmatic empowers CHS with flexible data mapping and duplicate management functionality. Today, CHS spends less time on their data management and more time on their mission. Import processing time has been cut down from ten hours to just one hour!

“Everything that drove me crazy with data management is now an easy process. Importing data with ImportOmatic is like magic. It’s quick, easy and accurate. It literally takes just a few clicks and we are good to go. It’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made.” – Barbara Naugle

Barbara’s favorite feature of ImportOmatic is the Omatic Data Service. Omatic Data Service determines gender based on first name, uses first name variants for duplicate searching, and formats incoming addresses. “I love that we can import phone and email information without problem, and I especially love that we can standardize how addresses/names appear,” says Barbara.

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