bbcon 2014: Best Moments & More

So, the Omatic crew is back from their bbcon 2014 vacation! Well, they weren’t really on vacation, but it may have been more fun than some family vacations? Minus the tired feet, hoarse voices, and exhaustion, bbcon 2014 sounds like it was one the of the best Blackbaud conferences ever!

For those of us who weren’t able to make it to Nashville or for those that did and want to relive some memorable moments, below are the highlights from Team Omatic.

Top 5 bbcon 2014 Funnies:

1. The team picture with Dolly Parton and Tim McGraw impersonators.

2. New product request: “Omatic should build an RE DBA/Nerd dating service app. That definitely wins the “Best New Product Idea” award!

3. Seeing attendees so committed to having fun and dancing like the world was ending tomorrow during the Phil Vasser concert.

4. Rumblings of a funny sweater vest comment.

5. One Omatic team member who shall go unnamed used mouthwash the entire time while in Nashville thinking it was body wash. Seriously?

Top 10 Most Memorable Conference Moments:

1. Seeing many long-term Omatic clients face-to-face again or for the first time in some cases. It was so nice to see the number of clients at bbcon who stopped by the Omatic booth just to say hello and express how much they love Omatic!

2. Talking to Carlene Johnson right when her name was pulled out and announced as the Omatic raffle winner of the iPad mini! Jumping may have been involved!

3. Bonding with other members of Team Omatic during the long hours of bbcon.

4. When an attendee in the session “Making The Raiser’s Edge Your Direct Marketing Machine” – presented by our own Baird Hall and Jim Bush – stood up and said this was by far the best session of the entire conference!

5. The Omatic reception at B.B. Kings in downtown Nashville on Sunday night. There was good food, good music, and amazing company.

6. Talking face-to-face with so many that are doing – or want to do – affinity scoring and engagement scoring and, then, showing them how easy it can be done with ScoreOmatic.

7. The session “Constituent Scoring & Data Visualization in The Raiser’s Edge” where Jennifer Robert from Washburn University Foundation and Omatic’s Jim Bush showed how fundraisers and DBAs can work together. And with approximately 200 people in the room, they showed how amazing a constituent scoring tool can be and how it can truly make a positive impact on your work life. An attendee even tweeted how they were glad to finally attend a session that provided practical advice so they could walk out the door with useful tips that can be implemented immediately.

8. It was great to see people stop by the Omatic booth and take selfies with our robot!

9. One client brought his laptop to the Omatic booth with a support question and we were able to resolve his problem right then. The client said that made his trip to bbcon worth it.

10. Having lunch with clients to understand their vision with Omatic’s new products ScoreOmatic, DataDriven, and MergeOmatic.

Favorite sessions:

“Best Practices in Raiser’s Edge Data Integrity Management” presented by Nadine Francis the Director of Advancement Systems for Pomona College. Nadine provided great information and best practices about cleaning data. And, she made such a great point about running a data cleaning query on regular basis.

“Fundraising Data & Trends: Putting It All Together” presented by Andrew Watt and Melissa Brown. It was great to see all the fundraising trends presented in this session and then realize that we can measure and visualize them right in The Raiser’s Edge with Omatic’s DataDriven solution.

What was all the buzz about?

RE NXT, of course! The big buzz was around the RE NXT announcement. Some things we heard about RE NXT that were exciting included:
– One log-in for hosted clients
– Can use email address to log in
– Can use Gmail address to auto log in
– Great to know it’s backward compatible with RE 7 so that partner solutions can still be utilized
– Ability for private cloud or personal hosting environment instead of a shared tenant hosting environment so RE clients can bring in customizations and 3rd party products

Those are the bbcon 2014 highlights from the Omatic team. I’m told that the rest falls into the “what happens in Nashville….”, and you know the rest. I think a big “hats off” to Blackbaud is warranted for putting together an amazing experience for partners, sponsors, speakers, and attendees. We are looking forward to bbcon 2015 in Austin, TX!

Have any bbcon 2014 memories you want to share?

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