Deliver Accurate Financial Data

Discover how Post to GL easily connects any transactional data to your
general ledger, giving you accurate information your stakeholders can trust.

Simplifying Financial Reporting

Post to GL eliminates the tedious manual processes involved with pulling financial data, seamlessly bringing everything into a single source of truth.

Fundraising Revenue



External Subledgers

Program Revenue

Expense Management


Anything Going to the General Ledger

Accurate Financial Posting

Establish mapping and formatting rules to ensure that data is posted accurately and consistently each time, and gain full control of when and how often financial data is posted to the general ledger.

Time Savings on Data Entry

Prevent delays in financial reporting and eliminate dual data entry across systems. Free up resources from manual and time-consuming reconciliation processes. Post as frequently as you want to ensure your general ledger is always up-to-date.

Data Your Stakeholders Can Trust

Prevent posting errors and give stakeholders and auditors confidence that your financial reporting is accurate and up-to-date.