Refer a Nonprofit to Omatic

Refer a friend today, save them time tomorrow

Know a nonprofit that could use Omatic’s efficiency-boosting software? Refer them to us and receive $150 Amazon Gift Card for each referral that becomes an Omatic customer. Simply fill out this form and let Omatic take care of the rest!

Referring organizations must be current Omatic customers. You’ll get a gift from Omatic and the thanks of a grateful friend.

Program Information

Your incentive will be issued 60 days after the new contract is signed.

Trials of products are not eligible for a finder’s fee.

Referrals must be submitted prior to our team talking to the potential new customer. Referrals for prospective organizations that are already engaged in an open opportunity with Omatic do not qualify.

Referral’s compensation request will not interfere with, delay, or change the scope of the referral’s organization contract and invoice commitments now or in the future.

Program is only available for US organizations.

One individual may only receive three gift cards per calendar year.

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