Power Up Your Email Marketing.

Do your email and development systems talk to each other?

Development databases and email marketing systems are interdependent – you rely on them working together to ensure the most personal and effective supporter experiences. All of that information that lives in the database should be used to personalize email messaging to your donors, and all of that email activity – what readers open, click on, and subscribe to – will further build each supporter’s unique profile in the database. So, if the two systems are not exchanging information – or doing it poorly – you could be missing opportunities – and wind up sending an existing donor an impersonal message or worse, an incorrect message.

Leveraging the power of your CRM and the sophistication of your email system

Omatic intelligent email marketing integration ensures that your supporters’ key email activity data get over to your development CRM database – quickly, accurately, and conveniently. Omatic provides the ‘round trip’ as well, making sure that changed email addresses and other relevant updates get into your email system of choice. Use the power or your CRM to build discrete, personalized email segments based on a rich amalgamation of data – and let your email system do the rest.

Synchronized. Complete. Powerful.

Single source of truth

If your main CRM database and your email marketing system are not synchronized, the most current information may not be shared or consistent. Data items such as email addresses, interests, and preferences can become outdated or be just plain wrong. This can, in turn, lead to bounce-backs or sending the wrong messaging to supporters. And, eventually, both fundraisers and marketers stop trusting the data.

When the systems are effectively and tightly integrated, routine synchronization ensures that all key data in both systems are current and clean and that your main Blackbaud or Salesforce CRM can always be relied on to be the single ‘source of truth’.

The data needed to build connections

‘Our fundraisers don’t know how our donors and prospects engage digitally’. Not having that kind of digital engagement behaviour data in the CRM can cause enormous blind spots – and missed cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship opportunities.

An email marketing integration solution that routinely synchronizes data ensures that the development CRM always has a complete picture of each supporter – with the most current and accurate information available. Up and down the pyramid, supporters’ digital engagement data – when combined with other key information about them that reside in the CRM – are imperative for building future connection strategies, for raising more money, and for effective donor stewardship –both online and offline.

The power of integrated systems working together

When the data in the development CRM and the email marketing system are not aligned, it will be virtually impossible to pull the most strategic, discrete email segments or get to the level of constituent segmentation granularity that may be called for. And then there are manual updates to help ensure that the right supporters are pulled into the right segments – or suppressed if they should not be receiving email. And, if something goes wrong, you risk your credibility.

Omatic’s intelligent email marketing integration combines the power of your CRM’s internal query and record selection tools with the sophistication of your email marketing and campaign management system. Create the segments in the CRM, using the broad variety of rich data available, then send those segmented groups over to the email system for execution.

Integrating with many and any email marketing solutions

Sometimes, as social good organizations grow, their email requirements also evolve, and they look for new email software with improved features and benefits. The good news: Omatic integrates with many email marketing solutions on the same user-friendly interface. So if you choose to change email systems, your integration solution does not need to change with it.

Email marketing solution integrations?

We’ve got you covered!

Constant Contact

Designed to bring together data from Constant Contact with Altru, Blackbaud CRM, or Salesforce, our integration empowers you to deliver an excellent supporter experience through targeted communications.


With Omatic’s Emma integration for RE/ RE NXT, Blackbaud CRM, or Salesforce you can seamlessly amalgamate your email marketing and CRM data to eliminate the ‘blind spots’ caused by disconnected systems.


Seamlessly integrate your fundraising, communications, and event information to eliminate the data ‘blind spots’ caused by disconnected systems.

Engaging Networks

Strengthen your supporter data by integrating your Engaging Networks platform with your Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT CRM, while also keeping your supporter data current, clean, and complete.


Capture your supporters’ attention through personalized communication when you integrate your email marketing data with RE NXT, BBCRM, and Salesforce using Omatic’s integration for EveryAction.


HubSpot integration for Raisers Edge NXT, Blackbaud CRM, and Salesforce will integrate the rich and multifaceted marketing automation data for which HubSpot is so well-known in the industry with your main CRM database – and leverage the other data in your CRM to empower supporter personalization up and down the pyramid.


Designed to bring together data from MailChimp and Raiser’s Edge®/Raiser’s Edge NXT®, Blackbaud CRM, or Salesforce NPSP, our integration empowers you to deliver an excellent supporter experience through targeted communications.

Raiser's Edge NXT

Omatic Cloud’s Integration for Raiser’s Edge NXT empowers users with clean, accurate data to develop engaging fundraising email campaigns, improve supporter relationships, and raise more money.

Blackbaud Luminate Online

Consolidate all of the rich data from Luminate Online into Salesforce NPSP, Blackbaud CRM, or Raiser’s Edge®/Raiser’s Edge NXT® – and deliver an excellent supporter experience through targeted communications.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Omatic’s Integration for Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Raiser’s Edge®/ RE NXT® and Blackbaud CRM provides access to current, clean, and complete data that powers relevant, personalized messaging and email marketing automation.