Security and Technology

We value and protect your data as if it was our own.

Omatic has established a security culture for all team members that spans the entire employee life cycle, including running background checks on all team members and providing security and HIPAA training during onboarding and throughout their career.

At Omatic, we are committed to assessing, monitoring, and managing risk for security and our vendors through a formalized risk management framework.

Omatic’s Security Protocols Include:

  • Proactive Vulnerability Management & Prompt Resolution
  • Real-time Monitoring of All Network Traffic
  • Robust Incident Management
  • Change Management for Code & Infrastructure Changes that Embraces Separation of Duties
  • Tested and Validated Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Technology plays a central part in our commitment to security.

Omatic Cloud leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud services and operates under a shared security responsibility model, where Microsoft Azure handles the security of the underlying cloud infrastructure and Omatic secures the platform deployed in Azure.

Our technology enables:

  • High Availability and scalability of services using multiple regions
  • Your organization’s data to stay in your country
  • Multifactor authentication for your organization using Auth0
  • Secure encryption of data in transit and when stored

Our Third-Party Certifications:

Many of our customers are subject to HIPAA and can use the Omatic Cloud by executing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Omatic. We ensure that the Omatic Cloud meets the requirements under HIPAA and align with our SOC 2 report.
Omatic is committed to handling our user and partner data securely. Omatic is SOC 2 Type II compliant. The SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) Type II report is a globally recognized security measure that rates a service provider’s compliance with security, availability, and confidentiality best practices.

For these reasons, many social good organizations across all Mission Focuses put their trust in Omatic to help them leverage the best of technology and security so they can easily access current, clean, and complete data driving insight to empower and amplify their missions around the world.

For a more robust look at Security and Technology, download our CTO’s white paper here: