Online Giving Solutions for Nonprofits

The most reliable data integration solution for nonprofits​

When we read statistics like these – that online giving grew 7% last year and by 75% over the six prior years – it simply sets the unsurprising tone for the future: the volume of online giving is going to continue to increase, the size of online gifts will not be limited to the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, and both new and renewing donors will be evermore likely to make gifts online rather than mail in checks.

And, recurring giving is on a similar trajectory, with over 40% of donors enrolled in a monthly giving program. Recurring donors’ retention rates are about double those of one-time donors, which means a volume of transactions that’s not likely to slow down.

You need the most dependable, reliable solution there is for integrating online and recurring donor and donation data into your main CRM database regardless of source – or sources – as more and more nonprofits today use multiple systems for online fundraising. You need Omatic.

Efficient, accurate, and secure cloud integration

Omatic effectively integrates online giving data from any online system into your main Salesforce or Blackbaud database. Powered by Omatic Cloud, we have built robust automated API-based connectors for the leading online donation solutions, and have more in the works, to ensure intelligent, efficient, accurate, and secure integration.

Current. Clean. Complete.

Current data = actionable data

We work with so very many fundraising nonprofits that found themselves simply struggling with the volume of online and recurring transactions coming in. Manual batching meant working overtime, and weekends, and never really getting caught up, while standard import tools were time-consuming to set up and led to unexpected data outcomes. But worst of all was that gifts weren’t getting processed in a timely fashion, so donor acknowledgements were delayed. And donor records were often not up to date in time for board reporting or segmenting for the next campaign.

Omatic’s intelligent integration solutions ensure that online donations and donor data get into your main CRM database accurately and quickly so that you can get about your other business in a timely fashion. No more feeling overwhelmed, delayed acknowledgements, understated reporting, or premature segmentation. When your data is most current, it’s also most actionable.

Continual data hygiene = reliable clean data

Volume aside, manual entry is prone to keying errors and standard import processes typically do not cleanse the incoming data or effectively prevent duplicate records from being created. The last thing you need is an online donation from an existing loyal donor to generate a new donor record. And how about those donors who enter their data in all lower case or ALL CAPS?

Omatic integration solutions can literally clean up source data anomalies on-the-fly to ensure proper spelling, proper casing, and that new online donations are properly matched with existing records so that you don’t end up with duplicates. And, we can also properly translate data when donors don’t complete online forms to meet your data standards (eg, NYC > New York City).

Easy integration = a complete view of your supporters

Online donation data is an important component of a nonprofit organization’s overall data ecosystem, but when it’s challenging to integrate into the main CRM database, some nonprofits just leave that information siloed in the online system. The result is, of course, that nobody in the organization gets a complete picture of donor involvement and interactions, and so the donor experience is diminished.

Omatic’s intelligent integration solutions make it easy for the main CRM database to contain complete data for each supporter, so that all their donations – online and offline, one-time or recurring – and other involvement can paint a comprehensive picture, which can then be leveraged to inform both the donor experience as well as future opportunities. And it cuts both ways: Omatic integrations are bidirectional, so that offline donation data held in the main CRM can update your online systems for a complete picture there as well.

Integrations by System


Synchronize new and updated donor and supporter info from Classy that needs to be integrated into your main Salesforce or Blackbaud system to keep it current. And send offline data that originates in your main CRM to Classy, to ensure that Classy remains up-to-date, too.

Donor Drive

Integrate new donor, participant, and volunteer records from Donor Drive into your main CRM database – and properly update existing records without creating duplicates.


Seamlessly integrate your fundraising, communications, and event information to eliminate the data ‘blind spots’ caused by disconnected systems.

Engaging Networks

Strengthen your supporter data by integrating your Engaging Networks platform with your Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT CRM, while also keeping your supporter data current, clean, and complete.


Bring people, contribution, and recurring-gift data from EveryAction into your Raiser’s Edge NXT, Blackbaud CRM, or Salesforce nonprofit database – and take advantage of advanced record-matching and filtering functionality.

Fundraise Up

Enhance your supporter experience and drive greater giving by connecting your online donation and peer to peer fundraising data from Fundraise Up with your CRM database.


Omatic’s Givebutter integration accurately and efficiently connects your online donation data, such as donor biographical data, pledge payments, and tribute info with your system of record – so you can provide the personalized experience supporters expect.


Whether it’s Annual Fund donations, recurring gift payments, Giving Day contributions, or anything else that comes into your GiveCampus platform, Omatic can quickly get your donor and gift data into your Raiser’s Edge NXT, Blackbaud CRM, or Salesforce system.

Blackbaud Luminate Online

Consolidate all of the rich data from Luminate Online into Salesforce NPSP, Blackbaud CRM, or Raiser’s Edge®/Raiser’s Edge NXT® – and deliver an excellent supporter experience through targeted communications.