Connect Multiple Systems of Record

Learn how Omatic Cloud can provide a full supporter picture across different nonprofit CRMs within your organization.

A Painfully Time-Consuming Process

Many organizations are maintaining multiple nonprofit CRMs to fulfill different purposes related to the capture and management of supporter data. For larger organizations, it can also be challenging to maintain consistent data across CRMs from different sites or chapters. As a result, teams rely on manual, time-consuming processes to ensure that supporter data is accurate and synchronized across systems. 

Existing Processes Aren’t Working

Inconsistent and inaccurate supporter data across systems, sites, or chapters

Time-consuming to toggle between systems for information

Migrating from one system to another is challenging

Existing integrations are incomplete or ineffective

Difficult to extract helpful insights

How Omatic Cloud Works

Introducing Omatic Cloud

With Omatic, you gain a trusted partner who deeply understands nonprofit workflows across leading solutions such as Raiser’s Edge NXT and Salesforce. Omatic Cloud can ensure data is accurate and consistent across your CRMs, saving your team hours of time-intensive data entry and providing a full view of supporter engagement. 

Build a Technology Ecosystem That Drives Your Mission Forward

Ensure that accurate, clean data is at the center of each decision you make, no matter what system you’re in. With Omatic Cloud, your team can gain a full view of supporters to send the right message at the right time.

Omatic Cloud’s Solutions Can Help Your Organization

  • Centralize Data for a 360-degree View of Supporters
  • See All Data in Both Systems for Up-to-Date Information
  • Automatically Format Data Consistently Across Systems of Record
  • Identify & Prevent Duplicate Records
  • Easily Connect, Import, and Transform Source Data