Automate Your Address Cleanup with ImportOmatic for Raiser’s Edge™

Oct 22, 2015

Have you ever longed for automated address cleanup for your Raiser’s Edge data? At Omatic we have a solution that will be music to your ears! Within ImportOmatic, a customization can be created to automate your address cleanup!

How do you know if you need address cleanup? If you identify with any of the following scenarios, you need it!

  • There are multiple identical or very similar addresses on a record
  • It’s impossible to find the most recent address details for a constituent
  • Direct mail campaigns reveal invalid or wrong addresses (eeek)

Now, you may be wondering… How does the ImportOmatic customization work?

Using the ImportOmatic API and the built-in Address Similarity Score, Omatic can build a custom function can be built that removes old duplicate addresses from a record. During import processing, ImportOmatic will match the incoming constituent record and the incoming address. Therefore, before the constituent record is saved, it is possible to cycle through all of the alternate addresses on the matched record and compare them to the new preferred address. If any of the older addresses are exactly the same (or at least score 95 or above) they can be deleted from the record and a note added to serve as an audit trail.

Customizing ImportOmatic is a great way to reduce duplicate addresses on current donors without having to build an extra process! Now, once records are cleaned up, ImportOmatic will no longer stop to ask about addresses to match to because there is only one that will match!

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