5 Best Practices to Deploy a Successful Customization

Jun 13, 2017

Is your organization considering a customization? Before you begin, ensure your team is invested in the following best practices. These steps are imperative for deploying a successful customization!

  1. Coordinate a formal kickoff meeting. The kickoff meeting will include your Omatic project manager and your team members. This may be a 30 minute phone meeting or an onsite team meeting. Regardless, this time serves to get everyone on the same page. The kickoff meeting lays the foundation for the project. During the meeting, the scope and timeline for implementation will be reviewed.
  2. Discuss the product requirements. The requirements outline what we are setting out to accomplish in order to meet your organization’s need. For development to begin, our technical representative will dig a bit deeper to uncover greater detail for your organization’s requirements. Omatic’s discovery document will gather specs from your team members.
  3. Provide project status updates. After gathering all of the requirement information, there may not be much involvement from your team as we plug away on the coding. With a delivery date scheduled, you can rest assured that we are working towards the end result at the agreed upon delivery date. However, our larger engagements will require that we have status update meetings or touch points. We may require you to review the work and provide feedback before we can move further into development.
  4. Budgeting forecast and monitoring. Your organization will be notified when 75% of the work hours have been used. At this check point, we will assess how to best use remaining time.
  5. Testing, testing, testing! You will have 15 business days to test your customization post-delivery. We can’t stress enough the importance of testing. We are readily available to you and happy to assist within your testing window.

Ready to begin? We’re ready to take on your next challenge!

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