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Managing duplicate records in Raiser’s Edge is one of the most frustrating and expensive challenges for organizations to solve. With multiple people adding information from various sources to a database, it’s easy to unknowingly create two, three, even four records for the same constituent. Once a duplicate exists, it’s hard to find and safely delete or merge them – until now. MergeOmatic is a database merge tool that automatically identifies duplicate records, then allows you to filter, review and merge them based on similarity scoring and importance!

  • Maintain accurate database and decrease postal costs
  • Provide a complete picture of a donor, with all information in one record
  • Save time by bulk merging groups of duplicates at once
  • Be confident that data isn’t lost while merging records

Database Merge Tool Features

  • Easily identify and preview all duplicate records in your database
  • Bulk merge records that are clearly duplicates
  • Permanently mark non-duplicates as "Not a Duplicate"
  • Set criteria to select the survivor record when merging constituents
  • Log details from the merged records
MergeOmatic: Database Merge Tool for Raiser's Edge

The MergeOmatic Difference

Merge Omatic
Standard Raiser's Edge Mass Merge Utility
Analyze your entire database & review identified duplicates for free!
Data visualization of duplicates by confidence score provide instant insight to data hygiene
Scan a subset of constituents for duplicates anywhere in the database
Customize duplicate confidence score to optimize for your constituency
Advanced fuzzy searching algorithms identify hard-to-spot duplicates
Achieve big impact quickly by first reviewing and merging high-confidence duplicates
Bulk merge all identified duplicate pairs at once, without user intervention
Comprehensive review form allows quick decisions by surfacing data needed to make decisions
Robust, customizable calculation uses any combination of constituent data to determine surviving record
A full history of the merged record is retained as a notepad on the survivor
Optionally delete the duplicate record when merging data into the survivor record
Workflows allow one user to review and queue records for merging and another user can verify
Prevent future duplicates by analyzing past user activity that created duplicate records
Review Raiser's Edge records marked as duplicate exclusions

MergeOmatic’s advanced search accurately presents all of the duplicates in an easy to review format that allows us to confirm and merge them in bulk.

Amy Barker
The Trustees of Reservations

Discover the MergeOmatic Difference

Identify, filter, review and merge duplicate records based on similarity scoring and importance.