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Just because someone volunteered at an event, subscribed to your newsletter, or regularly ‘likes’ your posts, you may not be ready to promote them to a constituent in Raiser’s Edge. Doing so can add noise to your database and increase your record count. But storing them in a separate spreadsheet (or not tracking them at all) limits your ability to manage the information needed to identify top prospects, build meaningful relationships, and solicit contributions at the right time. After all, you purchased a CRM solution to develop and nurture relationships, not just track donations after they are made.

Unlock the Power of Raiser's Edge for Non-Constituents

Omatic’s List Management solution expands the concept of a non-constituent record. It allows you to leverage the full functionality of RE and build a history of your supporters before they give. You can apply task sets, default sets, and action tracks or even assign solicitors and appeals before promoting them to a full constituent. Now you can track information at every stage and understand what action(s) lead to the donation in the first place.

List Management Software for Non-Profits: Constituent Management Software

Identify Top Donors and Take the Most Effective Next Steps

  • Search across lists to see who your most engaged supporters are. Do they appear in several lists? Great! Focus on those who warrant your full attention. What about those who may just be on a newsletter or holiday card list and are not likely to give any time soon? List Management allows you to keep them in the background, continue to leverage the functionality of RE, and cultivate relationships with them until they are ready to become donors. You can even demote or promote records in mass, which is helpful after an event has taken place, students have graduated, or patients have been long gone.
List Management Software for Non-Profit Organizations - Donor Management Software

We used List Management... and WOW! Our first 18,000-patient calling list imported in a few hours as non-constituents who are easily "promoted" to constituents during gift processing... LOVE. IT. Paid for itself already.

Karen B.
MultiCare Health System

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Import, manage, and prioritize both constituent and non-constituent records in Raiser's Edge.