Raiser's Edge and Salesforce: the ultimate nonprofit "power couple"

Did you know that Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT systems can live and work together to provide consolidated and integrated data and insight?

Now you can have the best of both worlds – and the ability to bidirectionally integrate key data between systems – so that you can really put the benefits of both systems to work for you and your organization’s mission. Regardless of how you use them, Omatic reliably solves your need to integrate Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce.

Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce Integration allows your organization to:

Use each system to its fullest potential
 Eliminate manual processes, errors caused by manual updates, and duplication of effort
 Gain efficiencies by automating key workflows that leverage best-of-breed solutions
 Automap objects and fields to their natural counterparts, but with tremendous configuration flexibility.

Effortless Integration Between Applications

Regardless of whether Salesforce or Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT is your system of record – and regardless of any other systems that you use – Omatic’s database integration capability ensures that data moves between applications and systems effortlessly, quickly, and accurately. Use Salesforce or Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT as intended, but with the richness of data that they can now easily get from each other.

Efficiency. Accuracy. Trust.

Automate your data sync and free your time to do what matters: your mission

Your nonprofit organization is likely continually adding and updating data in both the Salesforce and RE / RE NXT systems. That information can be best leveraged when it’s shared across systems. Managing manual data entry, rudimentary export and import processes, inaccuracies resulting from functionality limitations, and human error leaves your organization spending too much time on admin processes rather than strategy and mission focus.

Why not let Omatic’s RE / RE NXT and Salesforce integration reduce your admin time? Omatic’s integration processes – built exclusively for nonprofits and 20 years in the making – handle the data exchange consistently, conveniently, and expediently – and all but eliminate manual effort and errors. Omatic’s RE / RE NXT and Salesforce integration reduces time and effort, and, more importantly, allows for current, clean, and complete data.

Eliminate duplicates before they happen

Frequent exporting and importing can result in duplicate records and good data being inadvertently overwritten with stale, outdated constituent information. It can also lead to inconsistencies between Salesforce and RE / RE NXT. This not only leads to more wasted time on remediation, but also to a poor constituent experience due to communication errors. – nobody likes getting duplicate communications – but worse is no communication at all because contact information is wrong.

Omatic integration software checks for potential duplicates using sophisticated scoring and matching technology that mitigates the vast majority of duplicate records before they happen. It also checks for data currency so that the newest information is not overwritten with older data. With that kind of power, think of the hundreds of hours that can be redeployed to focus on fundraising strategies and on furthering your mission.

Ensure the utmost trust in your data

When users of either system – or both – become used to seeing errors in data, duplicate records, and other inconsistencies, they stop trusting the information being maintained. This can lead to poor user adoption, job dissatisfaction, and credibility challenges among stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

An integration solution that ensures current, clean, and complete data not only builds trust among donors and other organizational constituents, but it builds confidence within the organization as well, and among the professionals who depend on RE / RE NXT and Salesforce to do their jobs. A strong end-user experience combined with the best possible constituent experience – all based on quality data – will undoubtedly improve your organization’s mission from the top line to the bottom.

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