Maximizing Nonprofit Event Success with ChatGPT
January 17th, 2024, 2 PM EST

Is your nonprofit event management team juggling the complexities of designing, promoting, and organizing fundraising events?

Event management often presents a daunting challenge, with labor-intensive event planning, the overwhelming task of handling inquiries, and the high potential for data entry errors.

Watch our webinar,  “Maximizing Nonprofit Event Success with ChatGPT, where we’ll address these pain points head-on – utilizing the power of AI.

During our interactive webinar, you’ll witness ChatGPT in action, and we’ll guide you through how this remarkable AI tool can simplify, expedite, and enhance event management across teams.

Here’s what you’ll gain from the webinar:

• Understanding ChatGPT. Learn the basics of ChatGPT and how nonprofits can harness their capabilities to streamline various workflows.
• Real-Time Examples. Explore several live demonstrations of ChatGPT simplifying complex event management tasks – and the hours of work it can save you in the process.
• Your Event is Over, Now What? While ChatGPT can help you leverage the work needed for a great event, the next step is gaining clean and complete donor data. Learn how Omatic and ChatGPT work seamlessly together for a more impactful year ahead!

Secure your spot now for this groundbreaking webinar and unlock the untapped potential of AI for your organization.

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