Introduction to Engagement Scoring: Tools and Techniques

Are you looking for someone to host your next Alumni event, add to your board, or identify which patients are more likely to turn into donors? As you gear up for end of year giving season, it’s critical for nonprofits to identify opportunities to further nurture supporters effectively.

Secure your spot for a very special live on demand webinar, where you’ll learn the significance of utilizing Engagement Scoring—a transformative tool empowering you to segment, personalize, and grow supporters with your data.

In this webinar, learn:

🌟 The benefits of engagement scoring and why an increasing number of nonprofits are embracing it.

🔍 How engagement scoring serves as your guiding compass, pinpointing the most responsive audiences for volunteer participation, donations, event attendance, advocacy, and more.

🚀 Effective nurturing strategies that cultivate relationships, resulting in substantial returns and the re-engagement of supporters with lower engagement levels.

💡 A comprehensive insight into how ScoreOmatic can assist you in segmenting, targeting, and engaging supporters and opportunities, optimizing your use of time, energy, and resources for the best return on investment.

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