The Power of Using Tech for Impact

Nonprofit organizations should use technology, directly and indirectly, to drive mission impact. Think about a nonprofit CFO weighing a technology purchase or an upgrade and asking, “So, what’s the ROI?” Another way of asking this question (looking through the nonprofit lens) is, “How will this provide more resources for delivering our organization’s mission?”

Nonprofit organizations exist to effectively drive their mission forward and positively impact the communities they serve – whether that’s locally, regionally, internationally, or – these days – virtually.  And now more than ever, nonprofits have the opportunity to use technology, directly and indirectly, to help drive mission delivery and organizational impact.

In most organizations, technology can and should be used to drive mission impact directly:  educate more students, feed more families, protect more animals, bring healthcare – or art – to remote communities.  But nonprofit leaders should not overlook how technology can be used indirectly, to build efficiencies internally, give teams back the scarce resource of time, and even improve fundraising results so another scarce resource –money – is available to fund more mission delivery.

Omatic’s newest e-book, The Power of Using Tech for Impact, addresses these concepts in more depth and digs into how technology deployed to solve a nonprofit’s tactical challenges can also support strategic initiatives.  It provides a useful perspective for any nonprofit leader or professional who is weighing a new technology or upgrade decision.

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