Thinking Through Incoming Raiser’s Edge Data Updates with Bio Field Comparison

When bringing new information into your donor database, ImportOmatic can both streamline the process and ensure that the right data makes its way into Raiser’s Edge™ (RE). Users can learn how ImportOmatic “thinks” by learning the three main types of interactions that you might see during an import. In previous blogs, we covered Duplicate Search Matching Results and Advanced Address Processing. Today, we will focus on the third and final interaction called “Bio Field Comparison.” This interaction is the bio field comparison utility for existing RE constituents.

The “Bio Field Comparison” screen can appear during an import to indicate that a change for an existing RE constituent or non-constituent is in the import data. This interaction is designed to pop up and show the user a side-by-side comparison of conflicting personal information found on the bio tabs of RE records. Any differences between the existing information on the RE record and the incoming data from the import file will be highlighted in red. The blue link in the top left corner of the window links to the constituent record in RE.

If any changes need to be made, ImportOmatic provides the user with a tremendous amount of control. Using the checkbox column on the far left, the user can select boxes for the changes they are comfortable making, which will enable the import value to replace the existing RE value on the record.

From this point, there are several options that can be selected in order to move forward with import processing:

View Data – allows the user to view the contents of that one row of data from the import file
Skip Row – automatically rejects the current row being processed from the import as an exception so that the row does not get processed by ImportOmatic
OK – the most common selection made, which confirms whether changes to the RE record will be made or not (indicated by checkboxes on the left)

NOTE: Users can also make “on-the-fly” changes using this form by typing the new values desired into the “Import Values” column and checking the box to the left of that field.

Sick of all the choices and interaction? Users can opt to avoid this interaction and still have the ability to allow all changes to take place without being seen first, allow some changes to take place without being seen first, or to simply not consider any changes to bio data on existing RE records. The top checkbox highlighted in the image below will be the determining option that will either show the bio field comparison as interaction or not show the bio field comparison form. Any of the six other checkboxes just indicate what will come pre-checked or pre-unchecked on the form when (or if) it appears.

Which exact bio fields are being compared? Primarily, basic biographical data appears from the Bio 1 and Bio 2 tabs. Also, the Primary Addressee/Salutation tab of the RE record appears. When in the “Constituents” area of the profile settings, users can hover their mouse over the six grouped checkbox options to see tooltips appear that list the exact fields up for comparison.

These same bio fields checked in profile settings under the “Constituents” area of profile settings will be also used for comparing changes to imported individual or organizational relationships. This is in addition to comparisons shown regarding the primary constituent. Users can opt to skip all rows with interaction prior to importing if they are unable to monitor changes through interactions such as the bio comparison field utility.

Effectively using the features of the “Bio Field Comparison” screen can ensure you are getting the data updates you need into RE without compromising the existing data that you do not want to change. The level of automatic data updates from incoming files versus manual checking is within your control. Ultimately, you are in charge of the decisions made around your data and ImportOmatic simply enables you to have it your way.

The Raiser’s Edge™ is a trademark of Blackbaud, Inc.

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