Say Hello to Our New Brand!

Oct 10, 2019

We’ve got exciting news to share today – Omatic has a new look!

Omatic has evolved a lot since we started our journey in 2002, and it is time to show our logo some love! We believe our new brand identity better matches who we are: an innovative team with a never-ending drive to be better and a deep desire to always positively impact the organizations we serve.

In launching our refreshed identity, we are hoping others will feel our energy and passion in a more contemporary style. We won’t bore you with the design details, but know that we took this mission very seriously, and we made many trips back to the drawing board, spent many hours tweaking the tiniest of details, and asking for a ton of feedback. We wanted it perfect. Without further ado…

Our Logo

Seriously, could it get any better? We are in love with the look, feel, and style of the new logo. In recent months, we have been working really hard with the amazing team at Three, on the design and branding of Omatic. The process has involved re-evaluating who we are, what we stand for, where we are heading, and how we want our amazing customers to feel when they engage with us. As we embarked on the design process, we knew we wanted our logo to be distinct, memorable, modern, simple, and impactful.

I think we nailed it.

Our Tagline

“Turn Data into Relationships” – is another part of the brand that we’re very excited about – our tagline simply and beautifully explains everything we do.

Our Color Palette

Our new color palette is a breath of fresh air with welcoming and playful colors. We want you to feel good when engaging with Omatic and know that we are your partners.

Say Hello to Proxima

Typography plays an essential part in a brand’s identity. Proxima allows us to bring out our friendly and playful side while still retaining our integrity and trust.

We hope you like the new look as much as we do!

Omatic Software
Omatic Software is dedicated to integrating disparate systems and democratizing data access for today’s nonprofits. Founded in 2002, Omatic has worked with thousands of nonprofits globally to remove their data barriers by integrating systems and enabling nonprofit teams to leverage their donor data rather than be burdened by it. The Omatic team has one goal – unleashing the power of data to show a complete view of your donor, enabling data-driven decision making and opportunity creation for your organization.