Freedom Alliance Uses Omatic Cloud to Save 700+ Hours of Time Spent on Manual Gift Entry Per Year

With Omatic Cloud, I was able to go from spending 2-3 days entering 1,200-1,500 gifts into a one-day task. That has freed up my time immensely.

– Aaron Kamakawiwoole, Database Manager

Organization Background

An educational and charitable organization, Freedom Alliance honors and supports the United States military and works to protect American sovereignty and security. Freedom Alliance provides over 16 types of care for active-duty military personnel and veterans that have returned home.

The Challenge

Prior to Omatic Cloud, Freedom Alliance struggled with managing weekly file imports and correcting data flowing to their Salesforce database. In anticipation of an upcoming event that would require them to process overwhelming amounts of donations data, Freedom Alliance realized that their existing processes were unsustainable and that they would need a more efficient solution for their data challenges. Factors contributing to these challenges included:

  • Extremely time-consuming and manual imports: Freedom Alliance’s sole database manager worked directly with an outside clearing house to review direct mail donations, process that information, and generate a data file to manually import—a process that would take up 2-3 days worth of work each week.
  • Inconsistent and inaccurate data: The organization had recently switched to using Classy to process online gifts, but struggled with its native integration capabilities, since any inaccurate data captured within Classy would automatically be pushed to their Salesforce database. The organization became concerned with the downstream consequences of inaccurate information living in Salesforce, particularly with regard to receipt and acknowledgment letters.

The Solution

Upon implementing Omatic Cloud for Salesforce, Freedom Alliance gained:

  • Streamlined processes: Using ImportOmatic+, a solution powered by Omatic Cloud, Freedom Alliance now had the ability to automatically import and combine data from multiple sources. The tool transformed the way the organization handled their weekly imports by empowering them to standardize, transform, and validate data before pushing it to Salesforce.
  • Accurate and trustworthy supporter data: With Omatic Cloud’s Classy Connector, Freedom Alliance gained access to a more sophisticated integration that would ensure the transfer of accurate and standardized supporter data between Classy and Salesforce. ImportOmatic+’s intelligent matching capabilities also helped Freedom Alliance prevent duplicate records before they occur, providing the organization with even more confidence to leverage supporter data for making strategic decisions.

The Results

In just their first year of using Omatic Cloud, Freedom Alliance has seen significant improvements:

  • Time savings and less manual work: Upon implementing Omatic Cloud, Freedom Alliance began to save roughly 3 hours of work per day on average, which has freed up time for its database manager to prioritize other strategic developer tasks important for the organization.
  • Enhanced donor engagement due to cleaner data: With access to cleaner, accurate data, Freedom Alliance felt equipped to send acknowledgement letters more efficiently without having to manually review each letter for misspellings, improper casing of names or addresses, or other errors. Their duplicate count in Salesforce is now lower than it has ever been.
  • Empowered team members and self-sufficiency: Prior to Omatic, Freedom Alliance had an extremely complex import process and the risk for human error and duplicate records was high. As a result, it was difficult to train other team members to perform the task. Omatic Cloud dramatically simplified this process, making it easy for anyone to become self-sufficient in managing the import process regardless of technical expertise.

The Freedom Alliance team is thrilled about the results seen in just their first year of using Omatic Cloud. “Omatic is the gold standard for third party assistance. It’s an effective tool with an intuitive user interface supported by fast customer service. This tool is a must for maximizing the time of your data team,” said Aaron Kamakawiwoole, Freedom Alliance’s Database Manager.


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