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Find all your constituents within a specified zip code radius. Simply specify the zip code you wish to search within and the desired radius for your search. Click the search button and RecordRadar will find all the constituents in your database within the specified parameters. RecordRadar generates a query of the results that your organization can continue to use and modify.

  • Quickly and easily find your constituents based on a zip code radius
  • Automatically create a query of results based on parameters
  • No more merging queries, using Access, or reviewing your map

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A Zip Code Lookup Tool to Easily Find Constituents

By having the ability to enter a zip code and a radius, users are able to quickly see the constituents that are within the specified area. Configuration allows users to customize the address types and record types.

A Zip Code Lookup Tool to Easily Find Constituents: RecordRadar by Omatic Software

Zip Code Lookup Features:

  • Time-saving geographic list streamliner
  • Advanced interface adds power to your constituent lists
  • Omatic maintains an up to date postal database so you don't have to
  • Specify address types for customized search
  • Continue to drill down based upon parameters
Nonprofit Donor Zip Code Locator Software for Blackbaud Databases - RecordRadar

I've done several runs with RecordRadar and it is fabulous. It is 100 times better than map point and a million times better than looking up zip codes and manually typing them.

Cindy F.
UND Alumni Association

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Easily find all your constituents within a radius of a zip code or other specified parameters.