Top 5 Services Offered By Omatic Software

Oct 4, 2016

At Omatic, we are more than just software. We are a team of seasoned nonprofit and Blackbaud products veterans dedicated to making your life easier. Below is a list of the top five services we offer to do just that:

1) Consulting: We have many different consulting packages available depending on your needs–whether that’s a few hours of technical consulting, or a more in-depth fundraising project such as Capital Campaign preparation or starting a Grateful Patient program. We also offer retainer packages, so you can use our consultants’ services as needs arise and at your convenience.

2) Data clean-up: We offer several services designed to get your database squeaky clean. Some of these services include constituent promotion or demotion, table cleanup, and duplicate management. Moving to Blackbaud’s RE NXT? Your rate will be based on constituent record count, so let us get your database under control today!

3) Data migrations: Moving data from one system to another? No problem! We offer competitive data migrations services at a fraction of the cost. Our technical team can access your systems remotely and perform data migration work with little to no downtime for you. We’ll handle the movement of your data so you can focus on what truly matters – advancing your mission!

4) Database audits: Have you ever wanted a second opinion on your database to see if what you are working with is normal? Our consulting team has seen everything under the sun – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and they aren’t scared to take a peek under the hood of your FE or RE database. Let us review your systems to determine ways we can improve your data or your processes.

5) Staffing services: Wishing for more hours in the day? Well, wish no more! Nonprofits are notoriously understaffed, and handling some of the day to day tasks can be challenging. Let us join your team!  We can handle anything from gift processing and data imports to database administration and project management.

No matter what your needs are, let us use our nonprofit and technical expertise to take your organization to the next level. Contact today to learn more!

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Omatic Software
Omatic Software is dedicated to integrating disparate systems and democratizing data access for today’s nonprofits. Founded in 2002, Omatic has worked with thousands of nonprofits globally to remove their data barriers by integrating systems and enabling nonprofit teams to leverage their donor data rather than be burdened by it. The Omatic team has one goal – unleashing the power of data to show a complete view of your donor, enabling data-driven decision making and opportunity creation for your organization.