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Omatic Product Implementation Services

Our Professional Services team takes pride in implementing the broad suite of Omatic products, including ImportOmatic and its Connectors, List Management, SegmentOmatic, ScoreOmatic, EventOmatic, PostOmatic, and others.

We have developed a unique implementation methodology that combines product and platform experience with expediency, to ensure effective and timely deployments. Implementations are far more than product training. Our product deployment process includes data analysis, configuration support, process instruction, and comprehensive testing prior to ‘go-live’.

Omatic Nonprofit Product Implementation Services

Business and Functional Consulting Services

Omatic’s Data and Consulting Services team members come with a depth of experience in all areas of technology to meet the business needs of nonprofits. This can range from very focused data remediation projects to major system overhauls and multi-database consolidations. Key Professional Services consulting offerings include:

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Database Migrations and Conversions

Omatic has become the go-to team for organizations that are consolidating databases, converting to a new system of record, or migrating a database to a new platform. Omatic’s deep knowledge of nonprofit data and data structures, and our focus on effective system design and required data mapping has set us apart as database migration leaders in the nonprofit industry. Omatic’s comprehensive methodology – that includes assessment, design, mapping, training, and testing – ensures effectively migrated data and clients who can use their ‘new-and-improved’ systems productively and efficiently.

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Database Audits

Omatic will conduct a comprehensive audit of your database, in which a consultant examines and assesses system integrity, cleanliness, usage, and the extent to which the database meets the business needs of the organization using it. All audit engagements include an audit report, recommendations, an action plan, a system configuration analysis, and a final interactive session with the consultant to review these outputs.

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Database Hygiene

Omatic has led hundreds of clients through database clean-up projects, especially when systems have been in use for a very long time and/or when databases have been consolidated in the wake of organizational restructuring. Omatic’s deep experience, combined with our proprietary high-tech toolset, allows us to quickly understand your business requirements and then work to get your system in the best possible shape to support your needs.

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Software Instruction

Omatic offers expert training on our products and several Blackbaud products. Our team of specialists will customize a curriculum based on your organizations’ needs and varying knowledge. Training can be conducted to best adapt to your users’ learning process whether it be held on-site at your organization, utilizing your data through remote screen share, or a combination of both. Your end users and executives can learn the things they need to know at the right pace for them.

Omatic also offers online live group training sessions for all Omatic products. Group training classes range from 1-4 sessions and are offered continuously throughout the year. Training sessions have been developed to adapt to all user levels, from the most basic user to advanced.

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Business Process Improvement

Omatic’s team of consultants can work with you to examine your business processes, ensure that you are focused on best practices, work with you to configure your system to effectively support those processes, and document everything for posterity.

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Grateful Constituents

Omatic utilizes proprietary software solutions, including ImportOmatic, List Management, and SegmentOmatic to build out efficient business processes for Grateful Constituent programs.  Our Professional Services team routinely works with clients to implement the right mix of software, and then build and document specific business processes for routinely and systematically importing Grateful Constituent data into your Blackbaud system. This includes building easily segmentable Grateful Constituent lists as well as adding key data to the database that indicates propensity to give and level of engagement.  In addition, Omatic consultants can work with system users to develop organization-specific procedures for generating donor and prospect lists that support major giving and direct marketing strategies, and for strategically tracking responses.

Technical Consulting and Development Services

Omatic’s Professional Services team includes technical architects, business analysts, and developers with deep experience in building custom solutions for nonprofit clients, leveraging current technology and Omatic’s proprietary intellectual property.

For Blackbaud clients, our Professional Services technical team can design, build, test, and deploy:

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ImportOmatic Customizations

From time to time, ImportOmatic users need the software to do something that doesn’t come ‘out of the box.’ For these clients who need enhancements to ImportOmatic, our team of developers can generally extend the software to meet your unique set of needs.

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Custom Integrations

Omatic can build custom API-based integrations and other utilities that exchange data between systems cleanly and quickly, and that minimize user interaction. Our custom integrations leverage proprietary Omatic algorithms that ensure the highest level of data integrity as data are exchanged.

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Custom Functions and User Interfaces

For clients who need their Blackbaud system to support new functionality that does not come ‘out of the box,’ Omatic can assess the feasibility of building out and deploying full custom functions and workflows that meet unique or specific client requirements. As needed, these can be developed with a custom user interface so that end-users can effectively interact with the custom function that supports their work.

Omatic can also assess the feasibility of building custom reports to meet unique reporting needs.

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BBCRM Technical Training

Our technical consultants are experts in the Blackbaud CRM software development kit (‘SDK’) for the Infinity platform. We routinely conduct onsite SDK training classes for organizations’ database administrators and SDK developers.