Omatic Cloud Connector for Salesforce

Be one of the first nonprofits to experience the Omatic Cloud Connector for Salesforce.

Discover our new Omatic Cloud Connector for Salesforce by joining our early adopter program. If your nonprofit struggles with integrating your online fundraising or email system with Salesforce, this program is for you! The Omatic Cloud Connector for Salesforce seamlessly integrates systems while transforming your data – allowing you to save time, eliminate errors, and maintain control by deciding which data flows between systems, when, and how. 

  • Personalized Messaging: Build stronger relationships through tailored emails and targeted campaigns
  • Consistent Communication: Maintain appropriate email subscriber & unsubscribed status automatically between systems
  • Full Visibility: Gain a complete picture of your total communication strategy & its impact
  • Continuous Accuracy: Ensure high-quality data by preventing mistakes (misspelled names, duplicate records)

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