Increase Success of Your Fundraising Programs by Prioritizing Constituents in Raiser’s Edge

Spend time cultivating relationships that produce the largest return.

By effectively scoring prospective donors on defined criteria, your organization can determine the affinity of your constituents and their likelihood to engage in specific ways. This empowers your staff to collectively focus on the right audience with the right message at the right time. Armed with a clear understanding of who to target, your fundraising efforts become more efficient and conversion rates increase. 

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Dynamically score based on data you are currently tracking in Raiser’s Edge.

An individual’s ability and capacity to engage is dynamic. With each new gift, event, online purchase, or addition to a mailing list, a supporter’s likelihood to give can increase (or decrease). That’s why it’s important to base your constituent scoring model on the most current data available in Raiser’s Edge. With ImportOmatic + ScoreOmatic, you can easily integrate data from all systems or sources and compile scores based on information that is important to your organization such as volunteerism, giving, potential to give (external wealth data), event attendance, membership, online activity, and more.

List Management Software for Non-Profits: Constituent Management Software

ScoreOmatic Empowers You to:

  • Select and suppress queries to ensure that only desired constituents are included
  • Generate a report of segmentation grids in HTML or Excel
  • Assign an appeal and package coding to all constituents in the selected segments
  • Calculate monetary data points for segmentation using first gift, last gift, average gift, or cumulative giving amounts
Automated Lead Scoring Features: ScoreOmatic

It's a tool that we have found to be extremely beneficial. You can individually score constituents based upon any data component that you can store within your Raiser's Edge database. The options are limitless and the output is actionable.

Jennifer R.
Washburn University Foundation

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Reveal where to allocate time cultivating relationships for the largest return with constituent scoring.