Omatic Data Service

Let Us Help You Parse The Data

Standardize Data During Imports

The Omatic Data Service, an address standardization software, parses data as the information is imported into Raiser’s Edge™. The standardized addresses are parsed into their component parts to enable comprehensive duplicate searching by address. The Omatic Data Service can also supply a list of first name variations, like Robert, Rob, Bob, Bobby, etc, to further enhance duplicate searching and matching capabilities. The end result is that you maintain accurate contact information and prevent duplicate record creation even when nicknames or inconsistent address formats are used…ensuring you sustain and grow the key supporter information you need to build relationships.

  • Transforms imported addresses to USPS or Canada Post standards
  • Enables comprehensive duplicate searching by name and address variations

Address Standardization Software for Nonprofits

Data Parsing Software Features

  • Web based and does not require any additional software installation
  • Common name variations are easily handled
  • Data privacy maintained as secure service processes but does not store any constituent data
  • Full name parsing into title, first, middle, and last name
  • Ability to add US counties and congressional districts to addresses
Data Parsing Software Features