It's All About Intelligent Integration

Nonprofits are uniquely shaped by their mission, size, goals, and community. But many of these organizations share a common struggle – they are battling data chaos and it’s making it difficult to grow their impact.

  • Are you building a technology ecosystem and need current, clean, and complete data?
  • What about a technology ecosystem with high ROI and low TCO?
  • What about systems with happy users that are consuming data and driving better decision-making?

We get it. 

Disparate data, spreadsheets, APIs that require a decoder ring, manual and time-intensive processes, untrustworthy data, low user adoption, data blind spots, and discerning supporters are not a joke. We’ve been working with nonprofit systems and data since 2003, so we have seen it all.

Omatic Cloud is a powerful way to connect repositories of critical data, free your organization from data chaos, and enrich the supporter experience.

Introducing Omatic Cloud

Omatic Cloud is the only integration platform built exclusively for nonprofits. Imagine a world where you can integrate information from any file or system, maintain control of the data flow, and ensure that your data is free of duplicates, errors and issues.

Centralizing your data allows you to gain a comprehensive view of your constituents – enabling your organization to deliver an awesome experience that is relevant, personalized, and consistent with your brand promise.

Omatic Cloud facilitates a shift in your technology so that you can stay ahead of the pace of change.

You get the best of both worlds: leverage your investment in your stable, central CRM while remaining agile by integrating best of breed technologies.

Creating Trust with Your Data and Systems

  • Trust that your data is current, clean, and complete.
  • Trust that your user adoption will increase.
  • Trust that you can deliver an enriched supporter experience.

Boost Engagement, Drive Fundraising, and Enrich the Supporter Experience


Imported quickly and efficiently


Healthy, standardized without duplicate or dirty records


Access the full picture of each supporter, no blind spots