Omatic Connector for Luminate Online

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Accelerate the impact of your mission with Omatic Cloud for Salesforce.

Understand the big-picture from within Salesforce

Your supporters are dynamic, as is their information. They move, they marry, online giving habits change, peer-to-peer participation shifts, and more. Without integration, your organization’s data is living in silos. Meaning your data can quickly become outdated, creating knowledge gaps or errors between systems. Data living in silos can hurt your organization’s ability to understand its donors, offer the communication and experiences that speak to them and impede delivery of your organization’s goals.

With a complete view of each supporter and their online engagement activities, you can take the guesswork out of fundraising, marketing, event planning, and segmentation strategies, and customize donor engagement.

When your supporters’ data is current, clean, complete, and aggregated all into one place, you can go from guessing the next steps to making data-informed decisions – ultimately building better engagement and achieving your organization’s next level of growth.


Omatic Connector for Luminate Online enable you to:

  • Understand the big-picture from within Salesforce: everything from your email fundraising campaigns to specific online engagement activities – leaving no gaps in donor data.
  • Leverage the richness of your Salesforce data in Luminate Online, enabling more precise segmentation, customized messaging, and delivering the best supporter experience.
  • Automate tedious admin work and amplify the value of your time on more meaningful activities.
  • Ensure high-quality data by preventing duplicate record creation and other costly data mistakes.

Your organization can:

  • Sync supporter and transaction details in real-time and never worry about manual updates between Luminate Online and Salesforce.
  • Transform data as you import it, to meet your data standards and ensure data quality and consistency – no mOre imProper CaSing!
  • Assign additional default field values during the import process.