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Nonprofits struggle with different sources of revenue and other data being recorded in a patchwork of disconnected systems.  The result?  Inconsistent, unreliable, and incomplete data in Raiser’s Edge™ or Salesforce.  And inadequate data driving important decisions. Omatic Cloud completes the story of your supporters by expediently unifying disconnected data, reducing errors, and improving data quality. With your newfound insights, the impact of every action you take for your mission will be amplified.

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Adding information from many different sources to a database can make it easy to unknowingly create two, three, or more duplicate records as well as other errors. Manual review, clean up, and account and contact merges also can lead to errors as well as be time-intensive.

ImportOmatic+ can help you and your team efficiently handle the influx of gift and donor data while automatically identifying duplicate records, filtering, reviewing, and merging them based on similarity scoring and importance. By automating importation from original source files to your CRM, the solution saves your organization time spent on administrative work. ImportOmatic+ helps you eliminate data blind spots that are preventing you from better knowing your supporters. Your organization can focus its efforts on donor insights, initiatives, and targeted communication.

ImportOmatic+ is built on user-friendly principles that show up as an easy and accessible user interface. That means you can also trust other team members and even volunteers to assist with donor data importation.

Omatic Cloud Ecosystem

Imagine having every activity and database talking together? Integrated systems allow for you to see how and when your supporters enter and exit their journey with your organization. In turn, your organization can better communicate to its existing or potential supporters for better acquisition, retention, and long-term support.

The Omatic Cloud Ecosystem not only offers the ImportOmatic+, it also provides automated free-flowing, bidirectional data exchange within your existing technology solutions for an accurate, up to date, and complete picture of your supporters and their activity with your organization.

Omatic Cloud vs. any Cloud computing offering

By choosing Omatic Cloud for your integration solution, your nonprofit can ensure quick and seamless bidirectional data flow between your source systems and CRM software. Why does quick bidirectional data flow matter? It allows all software programs that are integrated to stay up to date with each other’s new and updated data. That means every team member that uses any source has a current, clean, and complete view.

Specifically, for nonprofit organizations, a current, clean, and complete view translates to more up-to-date information and a clearer picture of your existing or potential supporters. Integrated systems allow you and your team members to see how and when your supporters enter and exit their journey with your organization. In turn, your organization can better communicate to its existing and potential supporters for better acquisition, donor retention, and ongoing support.

Omatic has built our Cloud integration capabilities specifically for social good organizations. We have been creating nonprofit-specific integration solutions for nearly 20 years. Our Cloud-based solution is the latest step in bringing the best data health and integration technology to the nonprofit sector. And, Omatic Cloud is built on the Azure platform for the latest in security, too.

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Imagine a world where you can integrate information from any file or system, maintain control of your data and ensure it is free of duplicates, errors and issues.

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