Connect Data Across Applications

Omatic Cloud helps you connect data from best-in-class applications to your nonprofit CRM, providing greater visibility into supporter engagement, history, and interests—all within a single source of truth. 

Connecting Nonprofit Systems and Data Is Painfully Time-Consuming

Nonprofits are using more systems than ever to manage their day-to-day operations, and it’s become increasingly challenging to consolidate data into a usable form that gives teams insights to effectively engage supporters. Many nonprofits lack the integrations necessary to connect their systems, while others rely on ineffective and incomplete integrations that create even more data errors and inconsistencies to be fixed.

Existing Processes Aren’t Working

Lack of consistency in formatting

Tedious, repetitive tasks to manipulate data

Inflexible data configuration from existing integrations

Difficulty extracting helpful insights

Data inaccuracies cross systems

How Omatic Cloud Works

Introducing Omatic Cloud

With Omatic, you gain a trusted partner who understands the best way to seamlessly connect nonprofit application and reliably manage nonprofit workflows. Omatic Cloud can help your organization save time on manual data entry, equip teams with accurate and actionable insights, and drive mission impact.   

Build a Technology Ecosystem to Drive Your Mission Forward

Omatic Cloud’s App Connectors automatically send data between applications and your nonprofit CRM, requiring little to no intervention. With full control and flexibility for mapping and configuring data, you can ensure that accurate information is at the center of each decision you make when engaging supporters.

Omatic Cloud’s Solutions Can Help Your Organization

  • Centralize Data for a 360-degree View of Supporters
  • Automatically Format Data Consistently Across Systems
  • Identify & Prevent Duplicate Records
  • Easily Connect, Import, and Transform Source Data
  • Control When and How Often Data Gets Processed