Salesforce NPSP Integration

With Omatic Cloud, easily connect data from any source, create a single point of ingestion for all data coming into Salesforce NPSP, and maximize your nonprofit data to drive mission impact.

Data Integration That Moves Your Mission Forward

Omatic Cloud is the only solution purpose-built for integrating nonprofit applications with Salesforce. Serving nonprofits for over 20 years, our solutions empower organizations to streamline their workflows and gain access to secure and accurate data they can trust. Omatic Cloud has helped thousands of nonprofits gain the information they need to send the right message to the right person at the right time, resulting in stronger relationships with supporters and more money raised.

“With Omatic Cloud, I was able to go from spending 2-3 days entering 1,200-1,500 gifts into a one-day task. That has freed up my time immensely.”

– Aaron Kamakawiwoole, Database Manager at Freedom Alliance

Integrate and Import with Ease

With Omatic Cloud, connecting your nonprofit data becomes a breeze. Efficiently bring new donors, gifts, and other updated constituent information into Salesforce from any source via direct API connections or data file imports. Omatic Cloud makes this process even easier by giving you control over how data is cleaned and transformed before it is ever sent to Salesforce.

Improve Data Accuracy and Integrity

Frustrated with bad data and native integrations that simply don’t work, teams waste valuable time manually importing files, fixing errors, and reconciling duplicates in Salesforce and other nonprofit applications. Omatic Cloud ensures that accurate, clean data is at the center of each decision you make, enabling your team to spend less time fixing errors, and more time growing the organization where it matters most.

Report Financials with Greater Accuracy

Omatic Cloud allows you to send any transactional data from Salesforce into your General Ledger. With easy configuration that ensures all the right fields, all properly formatted, and in a file format built to the specifications of your General Leder, you can have confidence in the posting process and trust that data in both systems will be accurate and consistent.

Omatic Cloud’s Solutions Can Help Your Organization

  • Centralize Data for a 360-degree View of Supporters
  • Automatically Format Data Consistently Across Systems
  • Identify & Prevent Duplicate Contacts
  • Easily Connect, Import, and Transform Source Data
  • Control When and How Often Data Gets Processed