​Blackbaud and Salesforce: the ultimate nonprofit “power couple”

Your Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce systems of records can live and work together to provide consolidated, integrated data and insight for a full constituent picture in both systems.

Regardless of the system, Omatic’s database integration ensures that data moves between applications and systems effortlessly, quickly and accurately. The integration can bidirectionally integrate key data between systems.

What are the reasons that a nonprofit would need to use both Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce?
Interestingly, when organizations were polled it turns out the majority were planning of maintaining both systems. Common reasons to keep both Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce are:

Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce are used in ways that are ‘fit for purpose’ across the organization, so data are generally captured in one system and need to be used – or at the very least reflected (eg, for reporting purposes) – in the other.
Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce are used more broadly across the organization and need to be ‘mirrored’ or synchronized so that the latest information is available in both.
In addition, some organizations may choose to migrate from one system to another, but hard migration can be challenging while integrating data for a period allows for a better solution than the pain of a hard migration.

Effortless Integration Between Applications

Regardless of whether Salesforce or Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT is your system of record – and regardless of any other systems that you use – Omatic’s database integration capability ensures that data moves between applications and systems effortlessly, quickly, and accurately. Use Salesforce or Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT as intended, but with the richness of data that they can now easily get from each other. The integration seamlessly transfers data with record matching ensuring no duplicates while running through proper casing for correct spelling and casing of your supporter’s names.

Efficiency. Accuracy. Trust.

Raiser’s Edge/RE NXT and Salesforce Integration allows your organization to:

  • Eliminate manual processes, errors caused by manual updates, and duplication of effort
  • Seamless Record Matching between systems
  • See all data in both systems for up-to-date information, clear and comprehensive constituent picture
  • Gain efficiencies by automating key workflows that leverage best-of-breed solutions
  • Automap objects and fields to their natural counterparts, but with tremendous configuration flexibility
  • Have a common ingestion point for all data, no need to toggle back and forth between systems