Blackbaud CRM Integration

Easily connect data from any source, create a single point of ingestion for all data coming into Blackbaud CRM, and maximize your nonprofit data to drive mission impact.

Data Integration that Moves Your Mission Forward

As donor acquisition and retention become increasingly complex, importing data from multiple systems into BBCRM can pose significant challenges. Manual updates, challenging data reconciliation, and isolated systems create bottlenecks in nonprofits’ operations. Omatic Cloud seamlessly integrates your nonprofit applications with Blackbaud CRM, helping you unlock efficient workflows so you can make the most of your data and engage supporters in less time.

Reliable. Clean. Thorough.

Integration That Delivers Data You Can Trust

Omatic Cloud helps nonprofits seamlessly integrate their systems and data with Blackbaud CRM. With our easy-to-use solutions, nonprofits avoid the manual work that comes with fixing outdated information across systems, and spend more time growing their organization where it matters most. Easily transform and clean data before it’s ever sent to Blackbaud CRM, and ensure that information is accurate, consistent, and in the exact format you want.


An Improved Supporter Experience

Many nonprofits struggle with data errors that negatively impact supporter communication. Omatic Cloud helps you proactively prevent data integrity issues by enabling you to transform incoming supporter data into the appropriate format, match records, and quickly prevent duplicates. With accurate data, you can ensure that you’re sending truly personalized messages that resonate.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Data ‘blind spots’ prevent nonprofits from gaining a full view of their supporters, and as a result many are missing out on key opportunities to engage supporters and raise more money. Omatic Cloud enables Blackbaud CRM to become your single source of truth, gathering important supporter information from all of your systems and providing up-to-date, reliable data that you can use to inform how and when you engage supporters. 

Omatic Cloud’s Solutions Can Help Your Organization

  • Centralize Data for a 360-degree View of Supporters
  • Automatically Format Data Consistently Across Systems
  • Identify & Prevent Duplicate Records
  • Easily Connect, Import, and Transform Source Data
  • Control When and How Often Data Gets Processed