Higher Education Organizations

Your advancement data: one less thing to worry about

College and university advancement professionals have typically set the bar for fundraising focus, strategy, and success. Alumni fundraising comes with a lot of nuances that you must get just right to hit the mark, and higher education fundraising is certainly not just about alumni.

That’s why Omatic Solutions have really made a difference in college and university fundraising. We make the integration and health of your data one less thing to worry about so that you can focus on raising the funds you need – and so that you have current, clean, complete data at your fingertips to ensure that you continue to be successful.

Omatic integrations sort it all out

In addition to the most commonplace integrations that college and university development teams need – connecting Giving Day, online donation, online events, and email marketing applications with their main advancement CRM database – there is a broad spectrum of other institutional systems that contain key information about alumni and non-alumni supporters alike – and that information will inform how you target, communicate, and interact with these individuals and households.

It can become overwhelming when you think about new alumni and parents of existing students (from the student/parent information system), alumni activities (from the alumni association system), athletic boosters and ticket holders (from the ticketing system), performing arts patrons and ticket holders (from a different ticketing system), and employee campaign prospects (from the school’s HR/payroll system).

Not to worry – Omatic integrations can sort it all out and have you covered

Complex Data. Diverse Data. Financial Data.

Integrating the most complex data

College and university constituents often have complex relationships – all of which need to be captured in your advancement CRM database, so that you can talk to those constituents knowledgably and relationally. A recent grad may be daughter of an alumna (a lapsed donor since her last reunion), while her father (not an alumnus) works for a company that your corporate team is actively cultivating. Another recent grad may be a member of the fraternity that boasts the highest alumni giving participation – or the lowest.

Omatic can make sure that all of those complex relationships recorded in the student/parent information system are effectively integrated into your advancement CRM system, properly matching households, ensuring against duplicate records, and cleaning up any errant data along the way. Not only does this save time in data entry and error remediation, but it allows you to integrate data as often is you need to, and it gives you a strategic edge for crafting appropriately targeted segmentation, communication, and messaging.

Effectively integrating data from various sources

Institutional advancement is dependent on its student/parent information system for donor acquisition, but not exclusively dependent – not by a longshot. Employee campaigns and acquisition outreach to athletic program supporters and arts program patrons – often not alumni – are a mainstay of higher education fundraising. And each of those domains typically has its own system for managing its own business – the onus is on the Advancement team to obtain the right data and leverage it effectively.

Omatic integration solutions, powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, are the only integrations available that were built specifically for this sector and with your business needs in mind. Let Omatic take on the heavy lifting of integrating data from these various sources into your advancement CRM database so that you have current, clean, and complete information on the broad spectrum of those who support your institution. And with regard to employee campaigns, Omatic can make light work out of recording pledge commitments and payroll-based payments so that employee campaign reporting is always up-to-date in real-time.

Financial posting: reduce the work and increase the trust

Advancement and finance departments can be at odds during the reconciliation and reporting cycle. Reconciliation issues are often the symptom, but the time-intensive causes include Finance having to manually re-key transactional data obtained from Advancement, Finance having to manually manipulate inadequate output files received from Advancement, and Advancement not getting financial data to Finance on a timely basis. This can lead to errors that stand in the way of reconciliation, delayed or inaccurate financial statements, and an overall credibility gap between departments and with external stakeholders.

Regardless of your finance team’s accounting system, Omatic’s financial posting integrations, powered by Omatic Cloud, address all these issues, and will furnish accurate data in the perfect format and on a timely basis. Built specifically to tackle the needs of this sector, Omatic solutions will save you considerable time, reduce errors and the need for corrections, improve reconciliation, and increase trust and credibility in the numbers and across the board.