Family and Human Services Organizations

Stop racing the clock and achieve data quality

Nonprofits that serve families, children, communities, and those in need always seem to be racing with the clock. ‘Time is my enemy’ recently shared a food bank manager, and a community center executive stated that her admin staff’s time could be far more impactful managing program logistics rather than correcting data.

What’s interesting is that organizations so often obtain Omatic data integration tools to address this tactical problem of time spent on data entry and correction, but find that the outcomes resulting from having current, clean, and complete data actually make them more effective fundraisers, bringing more funding into their agencies to support their crucial community programs.

Omatic: experts in data integration

Whether you use a Salesforce or a Blackbaud system as your main CRM database for fundraising and engagement, you use other specialized solutions for things like membership, program management, volunteer management, email marketing, online donations, and managing event registrations and activity. You may even use Salesforce and Blackbaud solutions simultaneously but for different purposes. Omatic is expert at ‘marrying’ the data in these systems so that your main database – or databases – are always synchronized, current, clean, and complete.

Complete. Time-efficient. Synchronized.

A complete view of your constituents

Volunteers and program participants – and their families – are often the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of your donor acquisition pool. They are already engaged, already involved, and already know about all the good you do – and sometimes, in fact, help you do it. But an unintegrated, data-ignorant approach to acquisition from these groups typically leads to low donor-conversion, low gift amounts, and low retention.

Omatic integrations can effectively integrate the appropriate records from your program management and volunteer systems so that you use all the data at your disposal – and get a current and complete view of your constituents – to most effectively segment your prospects and target your fundraising messaging. This more data-driven approach is sure to boost acquisition, more effectively renew lapsed donors, and improve retention rates.

Time saved, and what you can do with it

Time is precious. And you have less and less of it. So why waste the little time you have on manual data entry and clean-up? Why use rudimentary native import tools that result in duplicate records, mismatched households, misspelled and mis-cased names and addresses – all of which take time to fix manually?

Omatic integrations, powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, will save you time, effort, and anxiety by integrating data between your satellite systems and your main CRM database. Our tools will properly match, clean, and standardize your data, and will identify potential duplicates along the way. And the benefit it not just the time saved. It what you can do with the time you now have, and how much more you can do and accomplish with data that’s current, clean, and complete.

Supporting the full constituent journey

Your focus on the best possible constituent experience does not end when someone makes a gift or signs up for another volunteer shift or program. In many ways, that’s just the beginning of the process of keeping your constituents engaged. Omatic can handle the round-trip data integration as well, from your main CRM database back to your other systems to ensure that they remain up-to-date – for stewardship, program management, etc. Think of it this way: volunteers are good donor prospects, but donors are also good volunteer prospects. We can help make sure that all your systems are effectively synchronized.

And let’s not forget about your colleagues in finance and accounting. If they are getting transactional information from your main Salesforce or Blackbaud system and then have to rekey it or reformat and manipulate an output file, not only is that taking extra time, but it also opens up a lot of room for human error. Worse, it can lead to distrust in the numbers as well as between the teams. Omatic’s financial posting integration does away with redundant data entry and manual manipulation of output files – and reduces errors, improves reconcilability, improves timeliness and accuracy of financial reporting, and increases trust across the board.