Omatic Cloud for Finance

Omatic Cloud seamlessly connects any transactional data to your general ledger, saving your team hours of time-intensive manual data entry, preventing delays in reporting, and giving stakeholders confidence that your financial reporting is accurate and up-to-date.

The True Cost of Inaccurate Financial Data

Are you often stuck reconciling inaccurate financial information or grappling with outdated, fragmented data? Finance teams often strugle with time-consuming tasks like manual dual data entry to reconciling postings from subsidiary ledgers across multiple applications. Financial reporting is often delayed or inaccurate as a result, which can lead to decreased trust from stakeholders and auditors over time.


Existing Processes Aren’t Working

Inconsistent and inaccurate
financial data across departments

Too many systems for managing
transactional data

Inaccurate financial reporting
decreases trust with stakeholders

Extremely time-consuming to
pull data and push to general ledger

Difficult to extract helpful

How Omatic Cloud Works

Introducing Omatic Cloud

With Omatic, you gain a trusted partner who deeply understands nonprofit fundraising, cost management, and how important clean data is for each workflow. Omatic Cloud can help your organization gain significant cost savings related to time-intensive data entry and ensure financial accuracy. 

Seamlessly Bring Financial Data into Your General Ledger

Say goodbye to manual data entry and delays in posting, and embrace a powerful solution that centralizes your data for complete financial transparency, agility, and control. With Omatic Cloud, you can seamlessly connect any transactional data – from expense management to fundraising revenue to payroll –  to your general ledger, and ensure that data is posted accurately and consistently each time. 

How Omatic Cloud Works

Build Long-Term Trust with Stakeholders

With Omatic Cloud, you can effectively communicate financial performance accuracy to key stakeholders, auditors, and your supporter base. By putting accurate data at the center of each decision, Omatic Cloud also empowers your organization to post as frequently as you want, ensuring your general ledger is always up-to-date.

Omatic Cloud’s Solutions Can Help Your Organization

  • Identify and Prevent Posting Errors
  • Centralize Financial Data into a Single Source of Truth
  • Consistently Format Financial Data Across Systems
  • Easily Transform Data to Match General Ledger Requirements
  • Control When and How Often Data Is Posted