Omatic Cloud for Database and System Admins

Omatic Cloud seamlessly connects your nonprofit CRM with all your applications, saving your team hours of time-intensive manual imports, improving overall productivity, and revolutionizing how you drive mission impact.

What is the True Cost of Bad Data?

Are you tired of spending countless days or weeks resolving duplicate entries or inaccuracies after importing your data? Siloed systems and the tedious, manual process of reconciliation can have significant consequences for your organization, wasting time and resources and preventing teams from acting on opportunities to attract, nurture, and retain long-term supporters.


Existing Processes Aren’t Working

Too many systems to maintain

Stale, inaccurate, and siloed data

Inefficient, manual processes for imports and reconciling data

Inefficient, manual processes for imports and reconciling data

Data inaccuracies despite existing integrations

How Omatic Cloud Works

Introducing Omatic Cloud

With Omatic, you gain a trusted partner who deeply understands nonprofit workflows and the importance of data integrity to running your day-to-day operations and engaging supporters. Purpose-built for nonprofits, Omatic Cloud’s solutions seamlessly connect your nonprofit CRM with all of your nonprofit applications, providing you with accurate data you can use to drive your mission forward.

Improve Program Workflows

Say goodbye to time-consuming, manual data imports. Omatic Cloud provides you with complete control and flexibility, empowering you to set the rules for how data is transformed and standardized, the level of automation required to streamline processes, as well as the timing and frequency for when data should be sent to your CRM.

Increase Supporter Trust

Never worry about missing a potential donor, asking for the incorrect amount, or sending the wrong email ever again. Omatic Cloud puts accurate, clean data at the center of each decision you make, giving you a 360-degree view into your supporters’ history, interests, and activities. Leverage data to enhance communication through the right channels at the right time, and build more trust through the entire supporter lifecycle.

Omatic Cloud’s Solutions Can Help Your Organization

  • Centralize Data for a 360-degree View of Supporters
  • Automatically Format Data Consistently Across Systems
  • Identify & Prevent Duplicate Records
  • Easily Connect, Import, and Transform Source Data
  • Control When and How Often Data Gets Processed