PostOmatic: Nonprofit Financial Integration Software for Raiser’s Edge

Easily integrate with any financial system

PostOmatic is a solution developed to bridge the gap between Raiser’s Edge™ / RE NXT and external financial accounting systems by allowing accurate information to be exported in a format that is designed specifically to work with such systems – including Ellucian Banner and Colleague, MS Dynamics GP (Great Plains), QuickBooks, PeopleSoft, NetSuite, Workday, MIP Fund Accounting, and more. By using PostOmatic to define easily configurable parameters, data exported from RE is effortlessly integrated with your external accounting system, resulting in more expedient and accurate financial reporting, and eliminating the room for error.

· Increased financial and accounting accuracy
· Time savings on data entry – eliminates redundant rekeying and file manipulation
· Easier data integration with any external accounting system

How Omatic Cloud Works

PostOmatic: a data integration tool that:

· Creates specifically formatted data exports from Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT required by external accounting systems
· Eliminates dual data entry in fundraising and accounting systems, and lessens the chances for data inaccuracies
· Supports easy data integration with any financial software
· Comes with standard, commonly used export criteria
· Supports any and all exportable data within Raiser’s Edge
· Ensures transactions may be included or excluded based on user-configurable criteria and combinations of any gift, fund, or constituent fields

Discover the PostOmatic difference

Effectively integrate your Raiser’s Edge / RE NXT and financial accounting systems by exporting accurate information in a variety of formats – that don’t require any manual manipulation!